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Chapter 286: The Mysterious s.p.a.ce
Chu Feng entered the small Taoist temple!

The crowd at the base of the mountain was excited. Many of them cried out loudly as their blood boiled and their spirits surged! A single punch. With a single punch, Chu Feng had blasted the Clam Fairy apart, felling an expert with six severed shackles!

Both humans and beasts were inspired. Their cries were incomparably excited after seeing an insufferably arrogant marine race member blasted apart violently by this Demon King Chu. They felt rather content as they let out a long breath that was stifling their hearts.

Previously, the marine race had been too excessive. They were acting absolutely unrestrained as they carried powerful killer weapons to wound the peerless experts of the continent. They even made sarcastic comments which made everyone feel sullen.

Now that Chu Feng's single punch accomplishment was revealed, many people felt satisfied and started to cry out in great excitement.

The news immediately spread to the outside world that Demon King Chu had appeared. Some people had even recorded the short battle, which caused great waves in the outside world.

"It seems Chu Feng is really angry this time. He's thrown caution to the wind in order to save people. The mysterious s.p.a.ce on Mount Longhu is destined to see a great battle among the peerless—perhaps the marine race will suffer great damage this time."

Many people were able to see that Chu Feng was desperate. He wished nothing more than to grow a pair of wings and rush in. This was evident by the fact that he ignored the Clam Fairy's corpse.

According to Chu Feng's usual habits, he wouldn't let such a high-grade delicacy go to waste. It would normally have become part of his recipe book.

Naturally, some were speechless at such an evaluation, but after some thought, they felt that really was the case.

The Taoist temple was extremely small, unadorned and dilapidated.

Chu Feng found, after entering, that there was a different dimension within. The temple emitted a faint radiance while its halls stretched endlessly into the distance.

He advanced in large strides and had charged quite far when he realized that the pathway was rather odd. This road, several kilometers long, was as if it was constructed by energy.

There were no rocks or other construction materials, only light yellow crystalline energy. Chu Feng ran for half a dozen kilometers in one go before stopping.

An energy gateway appeared before him. Perhaps it could be better described as an energy screen, beyond which he could see the plants and gra.s.sland under the starry sky.

Chu Feng was rather cautious. He used his spiritual arts to move the flying knife ahead to probe the path. The knife was met with some resistance as it went through the screen but was otherwise unharmed.

He stepped inside and felt a certain kind of pressure on his body, a force only king level ent.i.ties would be able to resist.

He was stunned after pa.s.sing completely into this world. He saw a gigantic carpet of green gra.s.s and the clear blue skies above. It was like a whole new world.

He believed that such a place didn't exist in the outside world.

"This folded s.p.a.ce sure is mysterious."

Chu Feng increased his vigilance as his pupils constricted.

He saw a few pumpkin shoots in front of him bearing huge pumpkins. They had long since ripened and were releasing a golden yellow l.u.s.ter.

Furthermore, these pumpkins were exceedingly large. They were as tall as a person and were releasing golden radiance.

The last time he charged up Mount Longhu with Schiller, they had been blasted to near death by five types of vegetables. He was almost crippled that time. It so happen

s that one of those vegetables was the pumpkin.

However, the pumpkins back then weren't as big. They were only about 30 centimeters in diameter.

Chu Feng suspected that even he wouldn't be able to resist if such a large pumpkin were to explode. This place was indeed extremely dangerous.

A battle had taken place here and many people had suffered painful torment. Although most traces of it had been erased, Chu Feng could still make out the smell of blood in the air. He also noticed certain charred areas that had been struck by lightning.

"Who can enter when the clam fairy's standing guard outside with the Divine Flood Dragon Talisman? That really makes our job easy."

Not too far in the distance, two marine race ent.i.ties were talking. They weren't peerless experts but they weren't weak either. They should've already severed their fourth shackle.

They only needed to attack the pumpkin if any intruder should appear. This would cause the pumpkin to explode—not even peerless experts could afford to suffer such damage.

Chu Feng lay close to the ground, his left palm glowing with an electric symbol. This was the Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique which he had comprehended on Mount Longhu.

He moved close to the ground and swiftly drew nearer. Any other person would likely have been baptized by a gigantic explosion and would likely lose half a life even if he didn't die.

However, Chu Feng was proficient in the Demon Subduing Technique which allowed him to conform to the lightning intent in the region. His palm radiantly glowed and merged with the lightning from the pumpkin, preventing it from releasing electricity.

He successfully pa.s.sed through with a swoosh.

The two marine race experts were astonished, shocked by the sudden appearance of a person.

One had to lift a certain bronze pillar from within the ground in order to pa.s.s through this area. There was a minor domain in place which could control the strength of the electricity in the area around the pumpkin.

But Chu Feng appeared before them in an instant.


The two marine race experts roared as they unleashed attacks in unison.

Thump! Thump!

Chu Feng didn't stop. He utilized the momentum to strike the two into the pumpkin's area of affect before rus.h.i.+ng into the distance.


A gigantic explosion rang out—thunderbolts wildly surged as golden flashes of electricity weaved together, piercing through the two marine race experts and blasting them into several pieces.

They miserably cried out but the lightning had virtually disintegrated them, leaving only badly charred bones.

Chu Feng scanned the area with his powerful divine instinct and immediately found Yellow Ox and the rest. One of the black yak's horns had been snapped off while half of the Donkey King's tail had been shaved off by the Tiger Whale King. They seemed to be in a miserable condition. Chu Feng couldn't help but wonder if they were alright.

Very soon, he was astonished to find that the s.p.a.ce was actually quite small, only a few kilometers in diameter. With his speed at five times that of sound, he could rush around the whole place in the blink of an eye.

There were traces of battle and some damaged hills but no signs of friend or foe.

Chu Feng picked up a small piece of a Taoist robe. The blood hadn't yet coagulated, dying his hand red. Undoubtedly, this belonged to the Wudang Grandmaster.

Following that, Chu Feng's eyes fell on a peculiar plant. He had previously thought it was a big tree that was even taller than a mountain peak, but he later found that it was actually a calabash vine.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng rushed up along the thick vine. At times, he would step upon its gigantic leaves and leverage the force to leap up.

The vine was verdant and green, exuding exuberant vitality, however, there were no gourds on it.

After climbing for a few thousand meters and pa.s.sing through the layers of clouds, Chu Feng found, to his great astonishment, that there was a gigantic hole in the firmament. He slightly hesitated but eventually jumped up and entered the s.p.a.ce above the skies.

Dense vitality rushed at him as if he had entered a mythical realm.

The trees and here were all l.u.s.trous. Every blade of wild gra.s.s was green and lush, the flower buds were sparkling like crystals, and their dense fragrance pervaded the air.

Many old trees were so large that it would take half a dozen men to just barely encircle it. Numerous delicate and glossy vines could be seen hanging down their sides.

Everything felt truly magnificent.

Chu Feng rushed forward and found that this world above the skies was extremely vast.

"Could this be the immortal land of Mount Longhu?" He had some suspicions.

If not for the traces of blood on the ground and the damage to the landscape, there would probably be no other place in the world as peaceful as this.

Very soon, his expression sunk. The more he walked forward, the more shocked he became. He saw b.l.o.o.d.y chunks of flesh covered by black fur and skin—this definitely belonged to the Mastiff King.

Someone had cut off a large piece of his body with a bladed weapon. He broke through the encirclement with severe wounds only to fall at this place. The whole region had been damaged by the battle.

"Eh?!" Very soon, Chu Feng found a small tree half as tall as a person. It bore a sparkling violet fruit and was exuding a clear fragrance.

"There's a mutant fruit!" He was somewhat surprised. This fruit before him could allow an ordinary person to evolve into a powerful mutant.

Following that, he also found another red ancient tree. It was several meters tall and seemed to have born fruit some time ago and had been picked. There were traces of blood around the place—it seemed a battle had, indeed, taken place here.

Chu Feng noticed why the marine race experts had decided to gang up on the experts of the continent. There were a lot of fortunes in this place and they intended to fight for them.

Chu Feng followed the blood trail and traveled upon the damaged mountainous terrain. He ran all the way forward in order to chase down those who had taken part in that great battle.

After running for about 50 kilometers, he finally saw some human figures. There was a group of three king level ent.i.ties, all soaked in blood.

It was evident that they were all marine race experts because some of their original characteristics remained even after they transformed into humans, with one of them having two large pincers for arms.

The other one retained his shark head. One could see the sharp dagger-like teeth when he opened his jaws.

The other one had lumps all over his body. He possessed wiggling and slimy octopus tentacles although he was in human form. He carried a b.l.o.o.d.y head in one of his claws.

Chu Feng's heart sank because he recognized the deceased as one of the beast kings from Kunlun. He had actually died miserably in their hands.

He had a good relations.h.i.+p with the bunch of great demons from Kunlun. He felt suffocated after seeing that someone he recognized had died so miserably.

"d.a.m.n that leopard. He runs so fast! We were so close to catching him!"

The three marine race kings were complaining.

"No worries. They won't be able to run much longer since the Tiger Whale King has made his move. They'll be torn apart and die miserably here."

"Just where are those two oxen. The Tiger Whale King has commanded that we must find them without fail. He wants to head over, kill them personally, and hang their heads on Mount Longhu to lure Chu Feng over."

The three marine race experts were stained with the blood of others. They were carrying a beast king head and patrolling the area for signs of Yellow Ox and the black yak.

They were still at the rear, and as such, there weren't any peerless experts. The area had already been combed clean by the top level experts of the marine race. They began to back up involuntarily when they saw Chu Feng and realized he was no less powerful than experts with six severed shackles.

"You're… Chu Feng!"

The three recognized him and wanted to cry out in order to attract the nearby peerless experts.


Chu Feng threw out a punch and, at the same time, activated the flying knife.

He tore apart the Crab King with a single punch while the flying knife cut down the heads of the other two. Fresh blood gushed out high into the air.

Chu Feng rushed forth with surging murderous intent.

He had already discovered that the Tiger Whale King was in front, looking for the two oxen. However, he found the Snow Leopard King of Mount Kunlun first.

Vegetation was spa.r.s.e in the land ahead but the spiritual energy therein was still quite dense.

This was a volcanic area. Many peaks were emitting black smoke and some were even overflowing with lava.

Chu Feng gave chase for over 50 kilometers and let loose his powerful divine instincts whereupon he heard the Tiger Whale King's unrestrained voice and rushed swiftly in that direction.

"A mere snow leopard isn't enough to fill the s.p.a.ce between my teeth. You actually dare to bare your fangs before me?! Even the Mastiff King from your Mount Kunlun was pierced by my spear and had his heart torn."

The Tiger Whale King's figure was tall and st.u.r.dy. His black hair danced in the wind while his eyes were like bronze bells. He was comparable to a demonic G.o.d as he stood before the volcano with lava flowing beneath his feet.

"Speak, where are the two oxen? If you don't say it, I'll stomp you to death!" The Tiger Whale King looked down towards the front.

Furthermore, there was a corpse beside him. It was also a beast king but had been stomped into meat paste. Its blood had dyed the lava a deeper shade of red.

The Snow Leopard King was in dire straits and was incomparably indignant. The one who had died just now was a demon king of Mount Kunlun and was a good friend of his. However, he couldn't block the Tiger Whale King's foot.

Their strength was too far from that of a peerless expert.

"The old llama will avenge us. And if you want to touch the two oxen, Demon King Chu will definitely appear to kill you!" The Snow Leopard had thrown caution to the wind in his fury. His silver hair was stained with fresh blood and his voice was hoa.r.s.e.

"If the old llama dares to come, there'll naturally be someone else to entertain him. My spear has been longing to drink his Arhat blood! As for Chu Feng, I hope he appears sooner to deliver up his life. If he really does appear, I'll squash him to death! What dog sh*t demon king? He's nothing before the marine race! He'll be encircled and killed!"

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