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Chapter 16
Chapter 16 Weak Earth

Translator- DM

Time quietly pa.s.sed by without any notice like fine sand.
In the blink of an eye, half a month had already pa.s.sed away from when Xiaya and Xiling had accepted Korin’s training.
Under Korin’s guidance, both Xiaya and Xiling rapidly grew. They unceasingly made up for their weak foundation while understanding the meaning of Qi, and also learned how to control their body’s Qi.
Half a month ago, they had already learned how to restrain their Aura, and now finally they had stopped exhibiting their aura like they did when they first came to earth. And then on the sixteenth day, after learning how to use “qi” exquisitely, Xiaya was the first one to s.n.a.t.c.h the bottle from Korin’s hands, while following on the 19th day, Xiling had also s.n.a.t.c.hed the water bottle.
At this point, Korin’s training has come to an end.
“Well, your rate of improvement was beyond my expectations. It was incredible, and you have only used a few days time to reach this part of the cultivation target. Oh, right, you can now take off the weighted clothes and use your full strength to let me experience your power! ”
After training ended, Korin dragged its fat body while swaying and walked over.
“No problem!” Xiaya happily replied, and then with a swish sound removed the weighted clothes.
After removing the weighted clothes, the bizarre gravitational field covering his whole body disappeared too. Because the fetters from his body were suddenly removed, the initially suppressed power inside his body began to stir.
Xiaya’s whole body made a crisp sound like frying beans.
Suddenly, the surging strength in his body erupted and as if finding an outlet, crazily spewed out. At this moment, with Xiaya as the center, an earth-shattering momentum rapidly swept throughout the Lookout, as if a bomb was dropped in the serene sky and immediately surged forward making Lookout tremble slightly.
Feeling the overflowing energy gus.h.i.+ng to every cell of his body, Xiaya couldn’t help but burst into loud laughter, his face revealing a smile feeling quite pleased.
Immediately he restrained his expression, and once again strengthened the surging qi wave.
That momentum instantly became tangible, the wind whistled as if an incomparable pressure like Mount Tai had covered everything. Korin who was not far away from Xiaya naturally boar the brunt of it. He was seen confronting the pressure close at hand with a stiff face, body completely ice-cold, and the blood in his veins was as if it had condensed in a split second. “Enough Enough, Quickly … quickly restrain your aura!”
Korin supported himself on his walking stick and shouted loudly while placing his hand in front of his forehead to resist the blowing wind on his face.
In just a short span of twenty days, Xiaya’s Battle Power had once again advanced by leaps and bounds, promoted by a significant amount compared to the time when he came to earth, a rough estimate shows that it had already exceeded 3000 Battle Power.
Due to cultivating from the start, Xiaya could obviously feel that his foundation has become even more solid.
Although he was powerful before, standing at his current state he had a wonderful feeling. He realized that his previous feeling of being strong was actually a facade, just like a big sponge which looks big from outside but if it were squeezed a little, you would discover it does not have much s.p.a.ce.
That kind of strength was only superficial. If it runs across someone weaker, then it can still act all high and mighty, but if it was to run across someone really powerful, then it will be punctured like a balloon leaking air.
Similarly, Xiaya currently was serious and steady towa

rds the use of strength. This kind of feeling was very good, of steadily progressing, and again solidly taking the first step on the road to becoming strong.
“Xiaya, tell me the truth, how many people are their in the universe who are strong like you?”
Looking at Xiaya and Xiling’s incredible cultivation talent, Korin asked suddenly filled with curiosity.
“Like me?”
Xiaya stared blankly for a moment, and then truthfully replied: “To be honest, my meager strength still could not be numbered in the universe yet.”
“Xiling and I have come from a planet called Planet Vegeta. The people living on it are a Fighting Race called Saiyans. And we are only under age Middle-level warrior among Saiyans and the Saiyans weaker than us are at least ten to twenty thousand. But even though we Saiyans are called a Fighting Race, our strength in the universe can only be considered Middle level which cannot be compared with the overlords of the universe who can easily destroy sky and decimate the earth.”
Hearing his casual explanation, Korin couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, his eyes full of horror.
Xiaya’s strength could not even be numbered in his race.
But thinking about it, they clearly look like children when looking at their body size, which naturally could not be compared with adults.
But hearing this point, however only made Kami even more mindful, a child from a race in the universe is already more powerful than Guardian G.o.d of the earth. Moreover, hearing him speak, this “Saiyan” race’s strength in the universe is only at the middle level.
Just how many powerful civilized races are there in this universe?
At this moment, the immense power of the universe made Korin speechless, leaving a deep shadow in his heart.
If the people in the universe are indeed as Xiaya said, then the earth could be in danger.
As if seeing the apprehension in Korin’s heart, Xiaya laughed: “You don’t have to worry too much about it, as Earth is just a forgotten low-level planet, and generally speaking there will unlikely be any alien coming over.”
After listening to him Korin only felt frustration, as Earth was unexpectedly called a low-level planet which could not be seen as good news.
It really is ironic!

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