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As it goes with small towns and smaller villages, everyone found out about our exploits within the following days. We were met with pointed fingers and hidden laughter at school. Amidst the jests and accusations though, some began to speculate about the corpse.

If it really was an abandoned baby, then someone must have abandoned it.

People began to whisper and guess towards who could do such a thing. "It was probably a deadbeat father from another village!" was the most common rumor. "No women gave birth recently! We'd have known the mother!" Said most.

The village head pulled Zhao Jie, Shang Haoming and I aside during the flag ceremony halfway through the week and addressed the school as a whole, making an example of the three of us for the rest of the students. "These three miscreants went looking for trouble and did a terrible thing to a lost soul! Let them be the example of what not to do when you're outside of school!" His voice echoed through the new speaker system and squeaked annoyingly. Zhao Jie, Shang Haoming, and I stood red faced in front of the school body. "Go for wool and come home shorn." I whispered to Zhao Jie, daring the Village Head's reprimand.

We agreed amongst ourselves that there was one party who deserved the blame, Ku Tou. If he hadn't told us about the ghost, we never would've gone looking. Not to mention the fact that he ran away with Chou Dan right when the trouble started.

We found him on the playground that Wednesday and my blood ran hot.

Ku Tou saw us walking towards him, specifically Shang Haoming who loomed over everyone else, and he started pleading, "It's the three heroes! Hey! Forgive me! I made a mistake, okay? You can't blame me! You guys had those special treasure things! There were only three! If I'd gone with you I woulda' wound up dead for sure!"

Shang Haoming put a very heavy hand on the shorter Ku Tou's shoulder. With a very peevish grunt, he leaned down and thumped his forehead onto Ku Tou's. It made a hollow 'thunk' sound. "You know what's going on. Come with us to the police station and tell them that we're not lying!" His teeth were bared mere centimeters from the smaller boy's face. "I'll not go down for something I didn't do."

Ku Tou's eyes widened in mock innocence. "I didn't see anything myself, remember? How can I attest to your honesty? Do you want me to lie?"

Zhao Jie's anger tipped past his mild manners and he pushed Shang Haoming aside. "Bull s.h.i.+t! You heard the cries! Tell them that the mountains are full of ghosts!"

Ku Tou shook his head sadly, "I'm sure there were ghosts before, but I haven't heard anything lately! Even this morning, n.o.body heard nothing on the way in. Maybe they're all gone! And if I say they're still around n.o.body would trust me!" His mouth quivered in a fake frown. He raked a hand through his black hair in a 'woe-is-me' gesture.

A bolt of panic spiked through me and I poked a finger into his chest. "There's no crying?" I looked to Zhao Jie, "Maybe the red ghost left the mountain. Where would it go?"

"Would it come here?" He asked, eyes widening.

I shook my head, not wanting to get into on the playground.

"What I can do…" Ku Tou started, "Is help you guys get that high and mighty rep back!" He grinned his mischievous smile. "Come on."

We looked at each other and nodded, following Ku Tou across the yard.

"You're lucky we like you." I told him. He only smiled.

He marched us over to the playground attendant and told her, "We'd like to volunteer to help clean up the playground after recess!" He c.o.c.ked a thumb back at the three of us.

The teacher smiled at us and chimed praise at our sweet intentions. The next day we did the same thing and were praised in front of the whole cla.s.s for being such good citizens.

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