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Chapter 188
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 188

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At the same time, Princess Cang Xia spoke, "Young Master Ya, we received some high-level spirit ingredients from a subordinate country as tribute yesterday. We have specially brought them here for Young Master Ya to calm your nerves as well as a gift of apology."

At the back of the entourage, laid multiple boxes made from black wood; it seemed like they had brought quite an amount of food.

The subordinate country had offered their most exquisite specialty ingredients that were unique to their country as tribute; however, the amount offered was limited and not enough for the emperor himself and his children. To appease Ji Mo Ya, they had invested nearly everything they had received. Their biggest concern now was for him to be angry at this incident, causing them to attract the ire of the Ji Mo Clan towards the Hanging Cloud Empire. This would result in an even larger loss in the long term.

Ji Mo Ya gracefully replied, "Your highnesses are too courteous."

The emperor smiled widely and said, "Don't mention it, it is us, the Hanging Cloud Empire that did not receive our guest properly. Young Master Ya, with that… shall we transfer the goods into your consulate?"

Although the area had been cordoned off and normally civilians would be unable to approach them, he was still the emperor, how could he continue to stand outside the door… From another perspective, it was as though his presence was not welcomed at all!

If someone with ill intentions were to spread rumors about him having a bad relations.h.i.+p with Ji Mo Ya, it would only harm the reputation of the Hanging Cloud Empire.


At that moment, a palace eunuch hastily approached them, "My lord, Young Master Hou is causing a scene outside the Ninth Prince Estate, the situation is getting out of hand!"

The emperor was extremely displeased, "What happened? Isn't the incident settled?"

The result last time, was his ninth child being adamant in keeping the woman with him. The Hou Estate only made the engagement very recently, so the union between the parties involved had no deep feelings per se; therefore, the emperor became their mediator and asked the Hou Family to reject the engagement with the Huan Family, the Hou Family also agreed to it.

So what happened now?

"My lord, a ma.s.sive crowd had gathered outside the Ninth Prince Mansion, the are calling him with names, referring him as a depraved person who steals the wife of others…"

They exchanged their conversations in a small voice, but it was exceptionally clear and concise to Ji Mo Ya's ears.

He unwittingly remembered the scene when he first visited the Huan Estate, when he was able to sample Huan Bei Ming's Green Jade Tofu and witnessed the emperor bestowing an engagement between Huan Qing Yan and Bai Cheng Feng…

The graceful smile of formalities that he wore on his face began to slowly disappear.

"An incident of stealing the wife of others, this Young Master only thought that only the streets of the capital had unlawful individuals, yet the Bai Family also have such unsavory characters, I have truly broadened my horizons. Lord Emperor, since you have other matters to attend, please go ahead!"

As he spoke, Ji Mo Ya displayed a respectful gesture of sending him off.

The emperor's face looked as though someone had slapped him on the face. He tried to read deeper into the meaning behind Ji Mo Ya's message…

Ji Mo Ya was a person of extremely high status. While visiting the different nations, he had always displayed a courteous and graceful image in public. Basically, he had always been polite and formal with his words and bearing but this time, his words were so heavy and strong that a cold s.h.i.+ver ran through his body!

His words had caused the reputation of the Bai Family of the Hanging Cloud Empire to fall to the bottom!

If this was to spread, they would only become the laughing stock amongst the Five Great Empires and the Eight Great Clans.

The Hanging Cloud Emperor was unable to bear with the consequences of his words at this moment.

Within his heart, he felt a mix of fear and resentment towards Ji Mo Ya, but a majority of his feelings was deep rage towards the root of the incident, that unfilial son of his, Bai Cheng Feng.

"Then this emperor shall not disturb Young Master Ya's rest. Cang Xia stay here and help Young Master Ya to arrange the items, help your father to accompany Young Master Ya in my absence…"

Princess Cang Xia happily accepted his instructions.

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