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Prologue – Chapter 6

The meeting was over.

Among the new colleagues, some were senior officers from Anton's east town; some he had met in regular meetings; there were only two or three new faces.

At the moment, only the group of his seven or eight old acquaintances were still in the meeting room.

"Fuck! So we are going to report to them?" Finally, someone spoke. Anton looked around. That was James, a deputy from his east town team.

"That pussy? What does he do?!" Anton raised his head and looked across the room. He recognized the man as Harvey.

Harvey was not from the east town, so he never worked with Anton. But Harvey was very famous, even more so than Anton himself. He was bigger than Anton too, good at boxing and solving cases. Well, he probably was good at something else as well. Anton had heard rumors about him. Many people seemed to have fancied Harvey at some point.

"So fucking young!" Someone commented.

"That pussy should be pinned down and fucked in his ass hard!" Harvey made a derogatory comment. Laughter burst out from the group.

Anton often thought of himself as a rude man who gave no fucks to the fake and hypocritic rules and bureaucracies. However, it seemed there was someone that gave even less fucks than him now. Anton grinned.

"Does it mean that we need to report to him from now on?!" Another colleague from his team asked.
"Ssh!" Roger stood up in front of Anton.

Roger was a young officer with a strong student-like temperament, but he was skillful in obtaining evidence. Because he had a relative in the higher level, he had been the rumor spreader among them.

"I have heard – take a guess, what did that Rene guy do before this?"

Everyone shook their head. Roger continued, "I have heard that Rene was from the Financial department. Guess from where he got into the Financial Crimes? The Administration!" He waited for the reaction of people.

As expected, they roared with laughter.

"Fuck!" Harvey smashed a thick notebook in his hand on the table, "He has an umbrella! No way you or me can compete against that. Better go back to work!" He took his stuff and walked out jokingly.

Anton quietly gathered his own stuff, couldn't help but remember the heated body and lustful moans last night. Today, the same guy, with that polite smile, appeared so cold and so distant.

Anton really hated how things had become. A one night stand, a fuck buddy he indulged with from time to time, suddenly became his direct boss. This was not a comfortable feeling.

"Hmm. Rene." He repeated that name. This surprise was a bit too much.

Looking at the pile of documents, forms, and tables, he signed and followed them to their new office on the 17th floor.

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