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Chapter 1018 - Great Xia Bares Fangs

The Battle of Pingxiang City was just one part of Annan's retaliation.

Apart from Pingxiang City, the east's Haiphong City and Kuihe City also had similar battles. In the next few days, both sides suffered heavy casualties.

The three battlefields were all filled with blood.

This was the bloodiest three battles since the Battle of Annan started till now.

The raging war not only made the Annan players nervous, but it also raised discussions from the Chinese players.

The China region players were paying attention to the Battle of Annan at every moment, and they did not understand what Great Xia was doing. Apart from the part where they blocked off the mountain, which was a great play, the following actions were really normal.

Even to say that they were on the back foot.

Players did not understand. The Yanhuang Alliance attacking West Chu did not use much of Great Xia's strength. The Great Xia Eagle Legion Corps had just walked a circle in Guanxi Province and did not fight any wars.

Since that was the case, why would Great Xia split their army into two batches to go to Annan? Moreover, why did they start the war when the reinforcements for the first batch were not ready, angering the entire Annan and making them seek revenge as a result?

This battle had many suspicious points.

"This is totally unlike the fighting style of Great Xia!" Someone commented about the battle.

The players even started to doubt Baiqi, saying that he had become arrogant and started to disappoint Ouyang Shuo, messing up his leaders.h.i.+p of the battle.

Some people even though back to a few days ago when Ouyang Shuo appointed Li Jing as commander in chief, which was the same as Baiqi. Did this mean that Ouyang Shuo was unhappy with Baiqi and was doing so as a warning?

Apart from questioning Baiqi, some people felt worried about Great Xia and the battle against Annan.

All of a sudden, random rumors and stories flew around. Comments raged on the forums, some people mocked Great Xia. These people felt that Great Xia were going to falter.

"This is the result of focusing too much on military!" 

Di Chen and the others felt really good. Although they did not jump out like before to diss Great Xia, they gloated when they talked to their friends privately.

Di Chen's hatred toward Ouyang Shuo had reached a new level when Great Xia stepped in at a crucial moment during the Battle of West Chu. The two of them had no room for reconciliation.

To make matters worse, Great Xia had destroyed the plan Di Chen and the others had been planning for months without using a single soldier.

Even Plan Z was implicated, and its effects were greatly reduced.

Hence, Di Chen would obviously hate Ouyang Shuo.

Seeing Great Xia face trouble in the Battle of Annan, Di Chen was obviously delighted. He would rather see the 500 thousand troops of Great Xia die over at Annan.

"The heavens have eyes!" Di Chen said.

Apart from him, there was also a group of people who were happy. They were the j.a.panese, who knew that Great Xia was a strong opponent in the future country war. Naturally, they also focused on the Battle of Annan.

Seeing the situation turn sour for Great Xia, the anxiousness of Keisuke Honda became much better.

"He deserves it!"

This was such a hot topic because this battle not only affected the interests of Great Xia but also the entire China region.

Great Xia winning was naturally the best, as it would earn them some honor points for the upcoming country war. However, if they lost and suffered heavy casualties, the outcome would be catastrophic.

If they were crushed on the Annan battlefield, not only would Great Xia fail to stop the rise of the Yanhuang Alliance, but it would also cause problems for the country war.

Great Xia was the sole pillar of China region. If it fell, it would be a huge problem.

The matter concerned the honor of the country, so only a few people would gloat.

The worried China Region players even applied to enter the Great Xia Army to help them attack Annan to stabilize the situation.

Even Xie Siyun, Blood Romance, and the other guild leaders rushed over to Shanhai City to meet Ouyang Shuo. They voiced that they could help out on the Annan battlefield.

Ouyang Shuo warmly greeted them, but he rejected their offers.

"Little Shuo, there's nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. No one wins all battles, and a loss is not much. Snow-War Rose does not have anything, but we can spare 100 thousand warriors."

Lin Jing rushed over to Shanhai City to try and personally convince Ouyang Shuo.

She felt that Ouyang Shuo rejected the help of his allies because he wanted to save face.

Ouyang Shuo laughed and shook his head, "Little aunt, do you think I'm such a person who does not know the gravity of the situation?"


Lin Jing shook her head. If he were, he would not have gotten to his position today.

"Do not worry, the Battle of Annan is totally under our control. We have prepared half a year for this battle, so how would we make such low level mistakes?"

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo saw all the insults toward Great Xia online.

"Then what's happening?" Lin Jing was worried.

Ouyang Shuo turned solemn and seriously said, "War is not a game, and it is not a battle between adventure gamemode players. Someone not in it would be unable to see the situation. Their advantage is just a smokescreen."

Lin Jing was unhappy, as she thought that Ouyang Shuo was just trying to cover it up, "Do not try to trick me. The forums say that in just these three to four days, Great Xia has lost 100 thousand elite troops. That is not a lie, right?"

"About there!"

Ouyang Shuo did not deny it. Actually, the number of casualties was larger than reported.

In truth, even Ouyang Shuo did not expect the Annan players to be so crazy and have so much killing strength. Thinking about the soldiers he had lost, his heart felt pained.

'My heart is bleeding!'

Apart from in the Battle Map, Great Xia had never suffered such heavy casualties.

Lin Jing stared at him with both of her eyes, "Then you still say that everything is under your control?"

Ouyang Shuo felt warm in his heart. He knew that his aunt was really concerned about him, "Sometimes, for the big picture, one must make some sacrifices."

"So you're saying that this is all predicted?" Lin Jing was surprised, "I know Great Xia has many top strategists, but isn't this a little too accurate?"

Ouyang Shuo smiled. There were many military matters that outsiders would not understand, "It is not because we are G.o.dly that we are to be able to predict all that."

"Then?" Lin Jing was unhappy.

"We cannot foresee the future, but we can guide the enemy, seeing through their cards and thoughts to make them do what we want them to do." Ouyang Shuo explained.

"So amazing?"

"That's roughly it. Although the details are not accurate, it would be roughly there."

On the surface, Annan splitting into three paths was a rational choice. However, some
of the intel was purposely released by Great Xia.

For example, the actions of the three armies of Great Xia was to make Annan realize that Great Xia wanted to attack from three sides and meet in Hanoi.

For example, the batch of merchant s.h.i.+ps leaving the port made it look like they were fetching the second batch of troops. However, in truth, there were just a number of them.

These merchant s.h.i.+ps were just for transporting resources.

The goal was to lead the Annan army to attack and totally wrap themselves up in the battle.

And all of this was for their final act.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Do not worry little aunt. The following day at the latest, the battle will change. When that happens, all will be revealed."

As this was a military secret, it was not convenient for him to reveal too much.

Lin Jing looked right at Ouyang Shuo, "Okay, since it's not convenient, I will not ask anymore. I'm looking forward to how Great Xia stuns the world and slap Di Chen's face."

In the player circle, the actions of Di Chen and the others was not a secret.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Do not worry, it will be entertaining."

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