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Chapter 683-Iron Faced Wei Yang

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Ouyang Shuo obviously did not know or care about Di Chen's rage; he was busy checking out his territory stats.

【Territory】: Nanjiang Governor-General House

【Lord】: Nanjiang Governor-General, Lianzhou Duke Qiyue Wuyi (Duke)

【Main t.i.tle】: The World's First Prefecture (Increases territory's fame by 50%)

【Sub t.i.tle】: Home of Martial Arts, Land of Philosophers, Blessed Land of Artisans

【Governed Area 】: Shanhai City (Grade 3 Prefecture)

【Population】: 1 million/ 2 million

【Refugee Sp.a.w.n Rate】: 500 * (1 + 50%) = 750 / day

【True Refugee Sp.a.w.n Rate】: 750+700+700= 2150/day

【Territory area】: 8 prefectures, approximately 2 million square kilometers

【Territory Specialty】: -

【Territory Fate】: Red Dragon (1/3 purple)

【Political】: 87/100 (Affects the administrative efficiency and morale)

【Economic】: 88/100 (Affects trade prosperity and taxation)

【Cultural】: 91/100 (Affects the education development and quality of residents)

【Technology】: 60/100 (Affects technology levels and technology tree)

【Military】: 90/100 (Affects military strength and stability)

【Affliate Counties】: Lianzhou Prefecture, Leizhou Prefecture, Qiongzhou Prefecture, Zhaoqing Prefecture, Wuzhou Prefecture, Zhen An Prefecture , Zhenhai City, Xingzhou Prefecture, Jidian City, Friends.h.i.+p City

【Financial Inst.i.tutions】: Four Sea Bank

【Education Inst.i.tutions】: Xinan University ( Jiangshang), Army Military Academy ( Sun Wu)

【Philosophies】: Military Advisors, Legalism, School of Agriculture, School of Diplomacy, Mohism, Business School of Thought

【Territory Chamber of Commerce 】: -

【Special Building】: -

【Hidden Building】: Mazu Temple, Recruitment Hall, Yellow Emperor Temple, Silver Prayer House, General Appointment Stage

Basic buildings list:

Calligraphy Inst.i.tution: Department in charge of calligraphy, apart from research, it takes up the development of calligraphy disciples. Construction Requirements: Calligraphy expert, calligraphy inst.i.tution blueprints, 40 thousand units of wood, 40 thousand units of green brick, 20 thousand units of stone. Construction Time: 20 days.

Observatory: astronomy building that takes charge of the calendar, observing the stats and shadows. Construction Requirements: Yin and Yang school of thought core member, observatory blueprints, 20 thousand units of wood, 100 thousand units of green brick, 50 thousand units of stone. Construction Time: 30 days.

In contrast to a Grade 2 Prefecture, the Grade 3 Prefecture listed the territory fate. Not for other reasons, only because to establish a country, the territory fate was a much-needed requirement.

The population upper limit had directly doubled. Based on Shanhai City's refugee sp.a.w.n rate, he would need another year and a half to fill it up.

Apart from that, the current Shanhai City was following the capital city planning, making it into a political, economic, cultural, technological, and trading hub.

Although Shanhai City was huge, each plot of land was gold.

Hence, normal refugees were unable to settle in Shanhai City and were sent to Lianzhou Prefecture. With that, it would take a longer time to fill up that one million population shortfall.

However, Ouyang Shuo could not wait anymore.

Gaia 4th year at the latest, Shanhai City needed to set up a country.

In a year, Shanhai City's four indices had risen by a point. Its increase totally could not be compared to before and only moved at a snail-like pace. Only the newly added technology index had risen quickly.

Based on Ouyang Shuo's knowledge, out of the five indexes, apart from technology, the other four all had to cross 90. Even their technology stat needed to pa.s.s 75.

What a tough mission.

The newly added two basic buildings, the calligraphy inst.i.tution, was slightly better. After a little hard work, it could be built. The observatory was a little more problematic as the representative figures of the Yin Yang School of Thought has not showed themselves, making it seem like it a hidden school of thought.

It would not be an easy matter to invite the Yin and Yang disciples out.

All in all, the moment Shanhai City upgraded to a Grade 3 Prefecture, they needed to put in more effort and could not slack at any moment; they had to reach the final goal of becoming a capital city.

After checking the territory stats, it was noon.

Ouyang Shuo returned to the back palace to have lunch with Song Jia and Bing'er. When Song Jia saw Ouyang Shuo, she shot him a vicious look that was filled with emotion.

The redness of her face still had not totally faded and was obviously covered by blusher powder. The clothes she wore today were rather conservative and high collar; obviously, she wanted to hide the signs of last night.

Thinking back to the crazy evening, Ouyang Shuo laughed.

Picking up the bowl and drinking it, Ouyang Shuo froze. Based on his sense of taste, he noticed all the immensely nouris.h.i.+ng herbs within.

Rough estimations placed it at no less than six nouris.h.i.+ng items, and they were all rare herbs. If it was not for Ouyang Shuo having a strong cultivation base, he would have a nosebleed.

"This is too nouris.h.i.+ng!"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amus.e.m.e.nt and took a look at his wife.

Song Jia noticed his gaze and lowered her head, acting like she had not seen anything.

The atmosphere around the table instantly became weird.

Bing'er sat quietly at the side, becoming more and more like Song Jia; her actions were elegant and gave off the vibe of a little gentlewomen.

Obviously, she had started to awaken her femininity and was learning from Song Jia.

Seeing the situation between her brother and her sister-in-law, she asked curiously, "Brother what's with you, why do you look so weird? Did you bully her, she does not look so good today?"

Cough! Ouyang Shuo's face reddened, and he stared at the little brat, "Eat your food!"


Seeing that her brother was unwilling to explain, Bing'er pouted, stabbing the rice with her chopsticks unhappily.

Ouyang Shuo did not bother about it, hurriedly eating his lunch and returning to his room. After his return to Shanhai City, there were still so many things he needed to deal with; he could not rest even after lunch.

When he returned to the reading room, he finally had time to read the memorials that Bai Nanpu had placed on his desk.

In this half a year, so much had changed in China. Naturally, Shanhai City was no different. Before Ouyang Shuo left for sea, the missions he laid out for the four bureaus were all completed.

Under Wei Yang's leaders.h.i.+p, the territory law system was pushed out smoothly, and the concept of the law had started to develop in the hearts of the people.

His way of doing things was to promote and execute it at the same time. To those who broke the law, no matter how high or low their position, he would deal with them strictly.

When the law system was just announced, be it the normal people or the officials, they could not adapt right away. Every day, there were thousands who broke the law.

There were thieves and molesters, rapists; scammers, and bribers. The Internal Affairs Bureau would not let them off no matter the severity of the issue; they captured all of them.

With that, the jails of each prefecture were full. The officials in the Internal Affairs Bureau were all so busy and had to deal with numerous cases.

Hence, Wei Yang decided to form two patrolling courts to go to the various areas to help deal with all the tough cases.

All of a sudden, the territory was jittery.

The law system not only targeted natives but also players living in the territory. For this, Wei Yang instructed the Household Registration Division to increase the management of the players.

Anyone who registered in the territory had to follow the law system. Those players who were not registered were treated as illegal immigrants and needed to leave within three days.

Not Long ago, a son from the Song Family, Song Jian, used Song Jia's name to cause trouble and start conflicts with merchants. In anger, he stabbed one of them to death.

This had pierced a hornet's nest.

Based on ancient sayings, Shanhai City was the foot of the Son of G.o.d, and Song Jian dared to do such things.

Immediately, he was captured by the bailiffs for interrogation.

Throughout the process, Song Jian even resisted captured; he was truly arrogant, "I'm the nephew of your Lord, how do you dare to capture me?"

When the bailiffs heard his words, they hesitated and seemed to seek help from the officer, "Sir what should we do?" They obviously hesitated. In ancient times, he would be considered a relative of the emperor.

The one in charge of this operation would be one of the three G.o.d constables, Security Division Secretary Zhao Kui. He frowned and ordered, "Capture him, if anything happens, it's on me!"

With his understandings of the Lord, Zhao Kui knew that the Lord would not protect such a person.

"Yes sir!"

With the orders of their superior, the bailiffs boldly captured Song Jian.

In just a short while, Song Jian was captured. The Shanhai City bailiffs were all occupation changed from the army, so they were rather strong; they were not something that Song Jian could match.

Shanhai City's internal affairs efficiency was extremely high. The next day, the Procuratorate Division made an announcement, 'If you kill you have to die, execute him!'

The moment the news went out, it immediately shocked the entire Shanhai City.

That night, Song Jia's Grandfather walked into Nanjiang Governor-General House to plead with Song Jia.

As for what they talked about, the outside world would not know. However, less than an hour later, he walked out with a completely black face.

The next morning, Song Jian was executed in public in front of everyone.

This time, it totally shocked everyone in the city. The theory could not be simpler, even someone like the relative of the emperor could not avoid death, how could they?

All of a sudden, the prestige of the law system boomed.

In half a year, there were three to four similar incidents that were dealt with impartially.

Through the fair dealings, Wei Yang led the Internal Affairs Bureau and smoothly pushed the law system through. During this period of time, Song Jia's actions had earned Wei Yang's praise.

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