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Chapter 702-Close Relations.h.i.+p Between King and Subordinate

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

Ouyang Shuo left the battle room and came to the top deck of Dragon Head, letting Jia Xu and Zheng He settle the specifics of the operation.

The Divine Martial Guard soldiers were training onboard, the rain and wind did not stop them.

Despite the fact that the deck was slightly shaking, they acted like it was flat ground thanks to their strong martial arts ability.

As Dragon Head could only carry a limited amount of people, only one thousand of the three thousand Divine Martial Guards defended Dragon Head. The remaining two thousand were split into the four guard wars.h.i.+ps surrounding Dragon Head.


Seeing Ouyang Shuo, the Divine Martial Guards Commander w.a.n.g Feng walked over.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, getting straight to the topic, "There's a secret killing operation that needs the Divine Martial Guards to act. Pull out 500 elites to join this operation."

"Monarch do not worry, the name list will be prepared shortly!" w.a.n.g Feng did not hesitate.

The Divine Martial Guards were born to kill the enemy and none of them were cowards. If such a chance was left to other groups, they would have tried to push it around. On the other hand, the Divine Martial Guards would definitely s.n.a.t.c.h this opportunity.

"This operation is highly dangerous and has a high chance of death. You need to tell the boys that are only sons or have kids and wives at home cannot join this operation." Ouyang Shuo specially instructed.

Although Ouyang Shuo was cold, he was cold due to circ.u.mstances. The three thousand Divine Martial Guards were like his children; if he had another choice, he would not choose to sacrifice them.

"Is that so? General understands!" Seriousness flashed across w.a.n.g Feng's face.

The sharp w.a.n.g Feng instantly knew that this mission was unusual. If not, the Monarch would not be so hesitant. Many times, the Monarch would just send an order down through the Personal Guards.

This time, he had even personally come down to instruct, such a rare sight.

Ouyang Shuo sighed and said, "There's one more point. The target for has strong martial arts. Choose two strong men to lead, do not affect the prestige of the Divine Martial Guards."

Zhan Lang and Xiong Ba's both had the general sub-occupations, and they had a strong combat strength. Moreover, apart from their personal strength, they definitely had guards protecting them.

They were now Lords of a region that have taken over an entire province. Although their guards could not compare to the Divine Martial Guards, they should be comparable to the Guards Legion.

Hence, fierce generals were required to kill both of them.

Luckily, each and every member of the Divine Martial Guards were elite; all of them had great skill, some were marksmen, some spear kings.

Great soldiers with great abilities were also exceedingly common here.

"How strong?" w.a.n.g Feng was unsure.

The Monarch only said he wanted someone strong, but in a place where the strong gathered, it was not easy to decide who he should send.

"The strongest."

When w.a.n.g Feng heard these words, a light shone in his eyes, and he suddenly knelt on one knee, "Monarch, I request to fight!"

"No!" Ouyang Shuo did not even think about it, rejecting him right away, "You're the commander of the Divine Martial Guards, how can you take that risk?"

w.a.n.g Feng was stubborn, "Monarch, it is because I'm the commander that I have a duty on this operation. If I send anyone else, I cannot help but worry."

"Think carefully. Even you who are so strong might die in this operation!" Ouyang Shuo's expression was truly solemn, but as w.a.n.g Feng had requested to battle, he could not reject it.

If not, it would be a blow to w.a.n.g Feng's prestige in the army.

"I've thought it through." w.a.n.g Feng's eyes shone with determination.

Ouyang Shuo looked at w.a.n.g Feng with a complicated expression, "If that's the case, then go!" In his eyes, there was another feeling that only w.a.n.g Feng understood.

In truth, when Ouyang Shuo returned with the voyage squadron, Song Jia had told him the news that Qing'er had fallen for w.a.n.g Feng.

The two of them were a good match: one the commander of the Divine Martial Guards, the other an infanta.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo did not oppose them and told Song Jia to tell Qing'er that if she truly liked him, ask Song Jia to build a bridge to help her out.

Qing'er was a lonely person, so finding a husband like w.a.n.g Feng was great.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo also had his own intentions. If w.a.n.g Feng married Qing'er, the relations.h.i.+p between w.a.n.g Feng and Nanjiang Governor-General House would go to another level.

With this relations.h.i.+p, w.a.n.g Feng's loyalty would increase.

He was not trying to use his G.o.d sister to rope in generals around him. He only went with the flow; if Qing'er did not like him, he definitely would not force it.

It was like Cui Yingyu, who had so many suitors. Some people even begged Ouyang Shuo and Song Jia but were one by one rejected.

Ouyang Shuo's stance was crystal clear; he would not b.u.t.t into the marriage matters of his G.o.d siblings.

Who they married was up to them.

Cui Yingyu, this lady, was still focusing on work. Ouyang Shuo had once talked to her about it, and she said that she currently had no intentions.

After all, in the olden environment, the moment she married, it would be hard for her to continue working in the Nanjiang Governor General House. Even if Ouyang Shuo wanted her to, there would be many people who would oppose.

The Cui family would not want to either.

Ouyang Shuo could see that this G.o.d sister was a typical independent woman and did not want to be bounded by marriage.

Since she had already described her intentions, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not force her.

After all, the game was only a game, so Cui Yingyu not marrying would not harm anyone or anything. To discuss this when she appeared on Planet Hope would be another matter.

Toward Ouyang Shuo's support, Cui Yingyu was surprised and happy.

The way Ouyang Shuo pampered his two G.o.d siblings made Song Jia a little jealous.

Returning to the topic at hand, Ouyang Shuo's complicated emotions regarding w.a.n.g Feng requesting to do such a dangerous mission was understandable.

If something really happened to him, Ouyang Shuo really did not know how to explain it to Qing'er.

"Thank you Monarch!"

w.a.n.g Feng looked at Ouyang Shuo, solemnly nodding his head and bowing in thanks.

With such a loyal general, what more could Ouyang Shuo want? Just as he was filled with emotion, another shout sounded over, "Monarch I want to fight!"

Turning around, it was the Guards Captain Chen Dameng.

Ouyang Shuo instantly raged, "What are you doing?"

"Monarch, I'm also a member of the Divine Martial Guards." Chen Dameng's words did make sense, "At this moment, even Commander w.a.n.g has stepped out, so I have to too."


Chen Dameng was gleeful, "Monarch, in terms of ability, apart from Commander w.a.n.g, if I'm second, no one is first. To choose two strong men to lead, I have to be one of them!"

He really was not humble!

"Are you serious?" Ouyang Shuo's brows were locked.

He knew that although this Personal Guards Captain was always fooling around, he was an intelligent person.

"Obviously, I'm serious."

Ouyang Shuo's heart just died, "Go, go, you all might regret it!"

"Thank you Monarch!"

Chen Dameng was delighted and bowed, smiling toward w.a.n.g Feng.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, giving his final instructions, "Choose the members and report to Admiral Zheng He. Remember, being the G.o.d arm crossbow, come back alive!"

"Yes Monarch!"

w.a.n.g Feng and Chen Dameng both bowed in unison.

After Ouyang Shuo left, the deck instantly became busy. The conversation between Ouyang Shuo and w.a.n.g Feng were heard by the members of the Divine Martial Guards in the vicinity.

"Boss, I register!"

"Me too!"

"Count me in!"

Hearing the noise behind him, Ouyang Shuo sighed in his heart, "Truly a bunch of fearless warriors."

The whole day revolved around the plan.

Choosing members, giving equipment, preparing resources, familiarizing with the layout, and fortress intel, mock training, and more.

The entire squadron had totally stopped.

Battle map, 10th day, morning.

The preparation for the operation had been completed and the two thousand frogmen and 500 Divine Martial Guards were ready.

Mist covered the river surface on this humid day.

In the mist, 200 Cima Boats carrying the soldiers and resources orderly lined up on the river surface.

The chilly wind pierced the bone like a sharp knife. Each soldier stood straight like a pencil, rising up and down along with the movement of the boats.

Ouyang Shuo boarded one boat to send the soldiers off.

Ouyang Shuo raised the bowl in his hand, "Boys, one bowl of wine to send you off. When you return, there will be a feast!"

"Finish it!" After these words, Ouyang Shuo downed the entire bowl. A fiery sensation filled his throat and flowed into his stomach.

The soldiers drank the wine in their bowls too.


The bowls were thrown into the river, showing their determination.

After the simple farewell, the frogmen squad immediately set out and disappeared into the mist.

Ouyang Shuo stood still for a long time, looking into the distance.

Although Zheng He and Jia Xu had made a detailed and well-thought out plan, it still could not calm his heart down.

The operation was too dangerous and the enemies were Xiong Ba and Zhan Lang. If things went wrong, their whole group would crash and burn.

This was the first battle till date that Ouyang Shuo did not have confidence in.


Zheng He reminded him that it was time to return.

"Let's go back!"

Ouyang Shuo kept his emotions and got ready to return to Dragon Head.

The entire process was viewed by Jia Xu, who now had a brand new opinion of this young king.

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