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Chapter 139.2 - Being misunderstood

*before reading this, make sure you read the after note that I added on 139.1 which clarifies how Shangguan Yiyun+ a “man” was found because it wasn’t clear before


When Yueji and Shangguan Yiyun came out of the justice department, it was already four hours later.

The two people got on a carriage that was waiting for them outside of the department.

Shangguan Yiyun stepped inside first but when she saw the two people already inside the carriage, she froze.

“Big brother Zhou, Miss … Lou?”

Yueji also got on and told the carriage driver to start on their path.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Shangguan Yiyun mockingly, “Miss Shangguan, if it wasn’t for Miss Lou today, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be sitting here with gentleman Zhou and chatting so casually.”

Shangguan Yiyun’s small face paled, of course, she knew what would result from adultery.

Right now, she felt like she was covered in cold sweat.

When Fan Yi kicked open the door, she was completely scared witless.

Zhou Tong was only a zither teacher so he was scared and shocked as well.

But at that time, the window from outside suddenly opened and two figures appeared in front of them.

One of them was Miss Yueji and the other was a man she didn’t recognise but his martial arts level was high because he took Zhou Tong and flew him out of the window.

This was how they dodged that calamity.

Shangguan Yiyun let out a breath, sincerely bowing to Lou Qingwu, “Today’s favour will be one I will remember even when I grow old.”

Lou Qingwu then looked at her, her eyes falling on Shangguan Yiyun and Zhou Tong, “Did you really think today’s event was an accident?”


Shangguan Yiyun froze, “It wasn’t an accident … then it was planned by someone else?”

Lou Qingwu raised a brow and nodded her head.

“And the tea in your rooms had something added to it. Gentleman Zhou regularly walks along the streets, you should know what that means, right?”

Zhou Tong’s face suddenly turned white, “Aphro-aphrodisiac?”

Lou Qingwu’s smile deepened, “But it’s good that you didn’t drink it. Otherwise, it would’ve been more annoying to deal with. Even though Fan Yi was a bit muddle headed, if it wasn’t for someone provoking him, how could he just so coincidentally step into that tea house? And coincidentally run into your rooms? Shangguan Yiyun, is there a servant girl called Fei Ye by your side?”

Shangguan Yiyun’s face was pale with shock, “Yes, she’s my personal maidservant.”

“But when Fan Yi came, she disappeared. Why don’t you think again about why you were here?”

Shangguan Yiyun and Zhou Tong looked at each other, suddenly remembering what they were saying to each other before Fan Yi interrupted them …

“It was … Fei Ye?”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “No, the person behind her.”

“Is … who?”

Lou Qingwu laughed, “It’s best if you don’t know.”

The two people’s faces paled even more.

Zhou Tong suddenly turned around to face Lou Qingwu, “This miss, please help Yun’er, I can … not see her again but nothing can happen to her!”

“I won’t let anything happen to her, but, can you really let go and let her marry someone else?”

Zhou Tong couldn’t. He’d been her zither teacher for three years.

Three years of emotions couldn’t be put down just because you wanted to put it down.

But he was just a zither teacher, how could he match up to a mistress like her?

If he could, he’d be willing to try.

But these weak chances nearly harmed her.

He angrily shut his eyes before nodding his head deeply, “Yes, I can!”

“I can’t! Brother Zhou, are you forcing me to die?”

Shangguan Yiyun’s tears began to fall, they held tears as she looked at Zhou Tong.

Her heart was a mess, “I don’t want to marry the second prince at all, if you’re like this, you’ll be forcing me to die!”

“Yun’er ….”

Zhou Tong covered his head with his hands, but what could he do?

He couldn’t even leave the capital, how could he take her away?


TL note:

d.a.m.ned if you, d.a.m.ned if you don’t.

Don’t flirt with your students.

Leave a comment and for Yueji’s motive in helping xx

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