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Luo Qiu wet the handkerchief and wiped Lizi's face gently as she slept peacefully in an abandoned farmhouse---which was empty.

He cleaned one area of the floor and lay Lizi down. At this time, Miss. Maid came in.

Luo Qiu washed his hands and said to Miss. Maid, "Her condition is critical, so I will cure her myself, no need to trouble you."

You Ye looked at Lizi with a smile... 'It would be totally different if the injured person was not Lizi.' Of course, she would keep it a secret. "Master, I have found where Xiang Liu is hiding... Although he is average, but he will be aware of my presence if I follow too closely."

Luo Qiu nodded, "Anything else?"

You Ye added, "There was something ugly hiding in that place besides that collaborator... It was full of despair and wailing."

"Okay. This is a family quarrel of the monsters. We can just leave it. Su Zijun will wake up in one or two days, she can settle the dispute with Xiang Liu in any way she likes as long as she does not destroy the city."

After saying that, he turned back and conjured a bottle of water for Lizi. "Let's go to the last seal to prevent some uncertain pressures falling on it."

Lizi would wake up soon after Luo Qiu and Miss. Maid left... She would not know what she had gone through.

As for Luo Qiu, he would neither help Su Zijun or Xiang Liu as he didn't want to see his home-town being destroyed by either of them. This was the reason why he went to the third seal with You Ye---which was located deep underground.

This place should be dark but it was... very bright! However, it was not the light from the spells for the seal but was due to the source of the sprits---the leyline.

"It's amazing." You Ye sighed with emotion.

It was like the floating gas, or flowing water... They seemed to be bounded by something and floated slowly in sequence with twinkling lights in it---which was just like a great river.

Luo Qiu was also surprised by the magic which could only be seen in myths. He came across the underground river with You Ye. Suddenly, the river shot out a water pillar which formed a water platform, supporting them to the leyline.

Luo Qiu couldn't help touching it but he seem to enter a daze just as he tried to put his hands on it, standing there with glazed eyes.

You Ye could feel that her master was strange today... very strange. She saw his eyes tearing up... this was the first time for her to see tears running down from her master's face.

You Ye made a black flame in hands... then two flames! She raised hands slightly to make the flame burn more fiercely. There was no need to dig out the reason why he cried...The most important thing was that this leyline could not be forgiven as it had caused her master to cry.

"Stop." Luo Qiu caught You Ye's hand to put out the flame when she was going to touch the leyline. He came to the reality and told You Ye, "Let it go."


"I am okay." Luo Qiu sighed and smiled soon. He held You Ye's hand and gently brought it to the leyline while saying, "Relax and feel."

She would do whatever master wanted her to do; so she closed her eyes and felt it with her whole attention.

She could see that the leyline growing up, from malnourished to flouris.h.i.+ng, from poor to rich. There were many people coming here at a quick pace. They worked hard and settled down to build up families...They would be or sad or happy, with winds and clouds gathering and disappearing.

"Do you feel it?" Luo Qiu whispered to You Ye, "It's about the memory of this city throughout the ages."

All the changes that happened in this land could be seen, as if watching a new-born baby growing up.

"It..." You Ye was surprised, "It has its own consciousness."

Luo Qiu nodded slightly, "It was like a baby... a pretty soul was in its body... then, it will become mature and give rise to unimaginable colors."

Luo Qiu raised his head and stared at the whole leyline---as well as small parts.

He said, "I want to have a look. Let's look at it together."

On the other side, Lizi realized her wound had been cured and... there was a bottle of water with her. She began to wonder who helped her... but the only clue, the bottle of water, couldn't give her anything. However, she was sure that it couldn't be the female monster she saved.

But who was the savior? Was that a kind pa.s.ser-by, or a bad guy with evil intentions? Was that an acquaintance or a strange person? She had no idea.

Lizi had waited for her savior here... but she knew clearly that he wouldn't come back as time pa.s.sed.

Was it a fortune for her... to be still alive? However, she was not happy.

As dawn approached, Lizi decided to leave because she felt hungry. Obviously, a bottle of water couldn't satisfy her.

"Ah, I suddenly feel like eating the porridge made by Sister Ren's boy, but the breakfast along the riverside was also delicious... It's hard to make a decision." Then, she left while humming a tune.

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