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Chapter 14

Ling Xia couldn’t come up with anything to say, his chest unbearably stifled. In the end, he just took off his outer robe and puts it on Ling Jue, and lightly smack the boy’s forehead: “Foolish kid.”

Because Ling Jue’s abdomen was wounded, Ling Xia was afraid that he’ll aggravate the wound if he carried him on his back. So he thought of carrying him up in his arms. Ling Jue didn’t say anything but he didn’t agree either. Even though the complexion on his face was worryingly changing, why does he still want to walk on his own. Ling Xia was left with no choice but to carefully support him by the arm, and look after him on the side.

Once they arrived at the top where the cart is, the magic beast recognized them and pulled the cart towards them without the need to walked on their own to reach it. On their way down the mountain, Ling Xia was worried that the b.u.mpy road may affect Ling Jue’s wound, so he closely held him in his arms.

They finally got home, and Da Bai’s lazy drooping eyes was invigorated when he saw Ling Xia. It flapped it wings as it flew down the roof top and perches on Ling Xia’s shoulder.

Ling Xia carefully a.s.sisted Ling Jue inside by holding his arm. He took his clothes off him, then cleaned the wound with warm water and applied the medicine once again.
He was standing by the door and was looking around, when saw a guard suddenly appearing behind a tree and quickly coming over, taking him by surprise.

The other person was wearing a silver mask, and spoke as if he didn’t have any emotions. Despite that, his manners was rather polite: “Do you need anything?”
Ling Xia explained that his younger brother was wounded, and requested for a light soup rich with blood(iron).

When he went back and sat on the bedside, Ling Jue was already asleep. Ling Xia was expressionlessly watching his angelic sleeping face, and can’t help but heave a sigh.
Just what does that mysterious man want in the end anyway? Why does it sometimes feel like I have this strange familiar feeling? That man gave his word, but will he really not harra.s.s me in the future?

As he continued to think more, his head started to become painful. He quickly kneaded his temples to relax his mind.

Very soon, someone came in and served the blood enriched soup. Ling Xia woke Ling Jue up, supported him in sitting up, and carefully spoon fed him while gently wiping the corner of his mouth. Da Bai was bored watching, so it flew to its nest and went to sleep.
Ling Xia suddenly remember the guard’s instructions on taking care of the Two Headed Flying Serpent. Something like taking it down the mountain to the spiritual spring for a drink, and also to groom its scales….Thinking about it now, that was simply nonsense! Isn’t that Two Headed Flying Serpent capable of hunting for its own food? Does it even need to be guided by other people? That serpent can even molt for a new layer of scales….

He took it seriously when he was listening that time. He didn’t even doubt it one bit…Both master and pet alike sure have poor morals!

As if Ling Jue senses his annoyance, the boy quickly asked him: “Are you okay, brother?”
“It’s nothing, you better rest properly.” Ling Xia lays him down, and carried away the bowl of dishes.

He reckoned that they won’t be able to runaway for the time being. And even though Da Bai could carry the two of them, it’s clear that it won’t be able to outfly that pervert’s two headed monster! What’s more, that man had great force under his control….He made up his mind not to feed that dangerous two headed serpent with Ling Jue, he couldn’t care less about that man!

As night approaches, someone soon came and relayed a message, saying that the master was summoning him.

Ling Xia knew that it can’t be ignored, so he grudgingly bit his lips and went. He told Ling Jue to rest properly and not to worry about him. At this moment, he could only hope that lecher of a man would keep his word, and that he won’t do strange things anymore.
After half a stick of incense of walking around, they finally arrived at a room that seemed ordinary on the outside. Ling Xia breathes in deeply, pushed the door open, and walked in. That mysterious man was standing quietly by the window, and was wearing a half mask as always.

This time, he was wearing a white robe. The mask he was wearing has a dark colored orchid patterns in it, and his silky long hair was lazily draped over his shoulder, giving someone a mesmerized feeling for no reason at all.

Ling Xia stares at him and asked: “Why are you looking for me?”

“No need to be uptight, and call me ‘Yu’, ” Yu Zhi Jue smiled faintly, ” He pointed at a mat near them and gestured Ling Xia to sit there, “last time, I told you that I’ll be teaching you how to cultivate your spiritual energy and elemental abilities.”

He decided to teach Ling Xia first about the foundation of cultivating. Ling Xia’s condition now is much more fit to practice refining equipments. The original Ling Xia’s chain storage had also been preserved in perfect condition. The only thing Yu Zhi Jue didn’t like was for Ling Xia to be as tired as before.

Ling Xia stared distractedly. He looked around the room and discovered that it was unusually ordinary, with only a single mat on the floor. He silently sat down there, and raises his head to look at Yu Zhi Jue.

Being looked at with such focus, Yu Zhi Jue’s chest tenses. He restrained his thoughts and slowly started explaining.

While he was explaining how to use elemental abilities, Yu Zhi Jue slowly walked behind Ling Xia, and slowly slide his finger on Ling Xia’s back down to his lower waist, pointing the flowing chi along the way. Ling Xia unconciously starting to tense up. Fortunately, the other person was behaving well and aren’t doing anything perverted.

After discussing continuously for half an hour, Yu Zhi Jue slightly smiled and said: “Not bad. When you get back, practice as I have explained to you. Starting tomorrow, come here everyday for one hour. Then you may roam around as you please after, and make yourself at home.”

“About Ah Jue, can he also be relieved of duty?” Ling Xia hurriedly asked, then he mentioned with emphasis: “Another thing, find someone else to take care of your house pet!”

Yu Zhi Jue gave a forced smile and looks at him, the expression in his eyes were warm: “Will do. In exchange for the effort in teaching you, will you give me something in return? And as for that Ah Jue of yours, I don’t have any intention to teach him.”

Being gaze upon by him, Ling Xia’s face slightly warmed up. He unconciously avoided Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes: “Many thanks to your excellency for generously teaching me.”

Yu Zhi Jue grinned and said: “Just a thanks? And I’m not your excellency, nor do I want to be called master. You didn’t listen to me when I told you to call me ‘Yu’, are you?”

Ling Xia didn’t want to have an argument with him, and besides, the other person did made him a favor of teaching him. After a long while, he could out with a stiff voice: “Many thanks senior brother Yu.”

It was rare to see Ling Xia’s awkward appearance, that Yu Zhi Jue turned his face to the side, and almost bursts out in laughter.

It was already late at night when he got back, and Ling Jue was curled up into a lump, fast asleep. Ling Xia was worried for his wound if he squeezes in, so he places a chair on the bed side to make do for the night.

Despite his minimal movements, Ling Jue still woke up. He rubbed his eyes and asked: “Brother, you’re back? Did they make it difficult for you?”

“No.” Ling Xia quickly pets his head and said, “You take a good rest.”

Ling Jue looked up to him and pulled his hand: “Sleep with me big brother. My wound is already better. If you aren’t by my side when I sleep, I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Ling Xia only thought that the boy was talking innocently. And with the boy’s slightly weakened but heartfelt voice, he was unable to refuse. He had no other choice but to place down his outer robe by the bedside, and carefully lie down on the floor.
Ling Jue was quite dissatisfied with that. He strongly pulled Ling Xia up and pounces on his chest: “You really scared me today! Promise me, that you will not shoulder any danger on your own ever again.”

Ling Xia felt that the arms wrapping around his waist were warm, scalding, and powerful. He felt something weird about it, but he didn’t put much thought into it. He gently pats the boys arm and replied: “You didn’t listen. Next time you were like this again, I’ll get angry!”

“But if you were gone, I can’t live anymore.” Ling Jue buried his head in Ling Xia’s chest, his tone was very sincere, “I really mean it.”

Ling Xia suddenly turned stiff.

What is he saying?

Ling Jue didn’t say anything else. He only embraces Ling Xia’s waist firmly, his breathing gradually soften and even.

How could Ling Xia get sleep now?

His eyes were secretly wide open in shock, he really wanted to curse: s.h.i.+t!

Am I just getting too nervous about it? By men….I was already confessed to twice.

The first one was his boss Ping Min Chang, the second one was this shameless hoodlum Yu.

So what does this boy meant with his words? Ling Xia became completely frantic.
He could only hope that he was just interpreting it wrong. He purely treat Ling Jue as his brother…But, at that time….the boy was masturbating in front of him. Now that he thinks about it, it causes him to be extremely skeptical at this point.

As he carefully think about it more, he realizes that the two of them are frequently in close contact and the boy would pull on his hands with a bashful smile on his face. And some of his actions were more intimate than usual…

He puts his stiff hand on Ling Jue’s shoulder, and was thinking of shaking him to wake up so he can be clear about it. But he was worried that his questioning might hurt the boy’s self-esteem. Honestly speaking, the two of them haven’t known each other that long. His concern towards Ling Jue is only nothing but….a concern that one should have for a brother?

While he was dreaming in his sleep, Ling Jue reaches out to him, and presses his leg on his body. Ling Xia watches silently with a bitter look on his face.

Fine, just let it go. I hope I’m just overthinking things.

After letting his imagination run wild for quite some time, he was finally able to get some sleep.

Perhaps, due to that Yu training his spiritual strength, Ling Xia’s five senses became even more sharp. He was bewildered as he felt his lips lightly touched by something soft, then he felt it once more.

What is it?

Ling Xia disconcertingly opened his eyes, and was greeted by the boy’s blus.h.i.+ng face in close proximity. He widened his eyes in surprise as he woke up.

The h.e.l.l! What’s going on?

Maybe Ling Jue didn’t see him woke up due to the darkness, as he slowly leaned his lips closer again. The boy was holding his breath, and his soft lips had the scent of a cotton candy. The other person’s touch was numbing, as if it generated a small current.

When he was kissed by that masked man, the sensations was entirely different….He could feel Ling Jue’s lips slightly trembling because of nervousness.

Ling Xia restrained the racing of his heart, and he forces himself to calm down. Ling Jue is just a boy. He is different from that deviant…..

He asked with the calmest tone he could muster: “Ah Jue, what are you doing?”
Ling Jue appeared to be scared as he lies on his stomach rigidly. His hands were clutching tightly on his clothes, his ears turned completely red, and his expression was as if he’s gonna lose his wits from fright. It took him a while before he reluctantly said a few words: “You were doing it yesterday morning…”

……..What the f.u.c.k! That’s CPR you brat!

Ling Xia weakly replied: “That’s to save you… why are you doing this?”

“I don’t know.” Ling Jue suddenly looked up, his pair of beautiful eyes stares at him without blinking. His eyes looked as if it was a starry night sky, pure and bright, “But when I did it to big brother today, my heart was skipping fast, and it felt very happy. You don’t like it brother?”

Ling Xia was inexplicably on edge being stared at by those pair of eyes. He averted his gaze and replied: “Ah Jue, you are too young. And this kind of thing is not possible between brothers.”

“Then I don’t want to be brothers anymore.” Ling Jue snuggled closely to Ling Xia’s chest and bashfully whispered with his head lowered, “I like you.”

The boy’s breath was softly blowing in his chest, his voice were as light as feathers. But its effect on Ling Xia’s heart was like it was pounded with a heavy hammer.

A similar scene suddenly flashes in his mind once again, where a voice similar to this boy’s clear and resonating voice repeatedly saying the same thing over and over again: “Ling Xia, I like you….”

Ling Xia’s eyes slowly starting to slacken, and his head perspiring with layers of fine beads of sweat.

The surging pain in his head couldn’t be alleviated, his breathing starting to hitch. He suddenly lurched on top of Ling Jue, thrusting his tongue in his mouth and sucking hard, as if it was the only way for him to continue breathing, the only way to attain salvation.
Yu Zhi Jue totally didn’t expect that it would turn out like this, and at the same time, a feeling jealousy he couldn’t contain started to blossom. His Ling…..this is the first time he had been so pa.s.sionate….and its towards his disguise as the boy Ling Jue!

Whether Ling Xia feels affection towards ‘Yu’ or Ling Jue, it doesn’t matter to him as long as they are together. But it still puts him in a bad mood, very bad mood….

Ling Xia firmly held his head, and was practically biting him. Yu Zhi Jue felt that his lips were already split. But he didn’t mind it at all, rather, he forces his tongue over for Ling Xia to bite on. Blood started to slowly trickle on the s.p.a.ce between their lips.

His mind cluttered in chaos is gradually clearing up, his rationality slowly starting to stabilize. Ling Xia immediately stopped moving, and suddenly became frigid as a puppet.

c.r.a.p. What was he doing! Was his upper body acting like a s.e.x fiend just now?

He was fl.u.s.tered as he straighten his back. He clearly saw the saliva mixed with blood flowing at the corner of Ling Jue’s lips. The boy’s handsome thin lips that was kissed and bitten by him were already red and swollen. In addition to that, the boy’s clothes were shockingly teared open just now, revealing his attractive collar bone and smooth round shoulder….

Ling Xia’s eyes popped out, he really wanted to give himself a slap. He’s turned into a beast!

He was like that mysterious perverted man ‘Yu’!

When he look at the boy, Ling Jue was hanging his head with his eyes slightly teary. He quietly said: “Brother, I really have fallen for you.”

“N-no…that’s…” Ling Xia hastily went away from him. After a long pause, he sighed heavily, and touches Ling Jue’s lips, “My-my bite, was it painful for you?”

Ling Jue responded with a flinching ‘hiss’. Nevertheless, the corner of his lips perked up: “It didn’t hurt, big brother. You can bite me more if you’d like.”

“……don’t call me big brother anymore.” Ling Xia wished he could hang himself with his belt.

How could I call a savage like myself, a brother! No, I’m much worse than that!
He stated, “Aside from Xiao Dao, you may also call me Ling Xia. It’s better to call me Ling Xia, Ah jue.”

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