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   Chapter 38 A Tramp

Ten minutes later, Li Qianluo realized what Si Jinheng meant.

In the villa.

"Sir, Madam, you are back home." Upon entering the villa, Li Qianluo felt something weird with the ambiance as well as the look on Mrs. Du.

Si Jinheng held her hand and went into the hall as if nothing had happened. On a European-style sofa there sat a woman, who looked like only in her thirties.

She was in a white suit with a pair of cropped loose trousers and peep-toe pumps in a similar color. Her black long hair was worn up, presenting an elegant and noble look.

But her newly-made semi permanent brown eyebrows wrinkled up and her lips wearing expensive scarlet lipstick compressed tightly, which revealed her terrible mood.

"Mother, this is my wife, Qianluo. Qianluo, say hello to mother." Si Jinheng held the hand of Li Qianluo tightly, as if making a vow.

"Mother, how do you do? I am Qianluo." Li Qianluo was a bit nervous, for the word "mother" felt a bit unfamiliar to her ever since her mother passed away.

"Do not call me mother!" Mu Ruoyan rolled her eyes at Li Qianluo disdainfully, "Heng, how can you bring this tramp home?"

A tramp?! Was she talking about her? Li Qianluo was confused about being referred to as a tramp. She looked at Si Jinheng innocently, who put on a long face.

"Mother, Li Qianluo is my wife. I hope you can show respect to her!" Li Qianluo looked at the man beside her, feeling touched. She was really grateful with what he said!

"I do not recognize her to be the daughter-in-law of the Si family! We already have a daughter-in-law, and it is not this tramp!" Mu Ruoyan was completely convinced that Li Qianluo had seduced her son. Otherwise, how could her son suddenly give up on Yawei, his fiancée who he had loved for over a decade!

"Mother, Qianluo bought you a gift." Si Jinheng turned a deaf ear to what she said and gave Li Qianluo a nudge, who then took out the earrings from the bag immediately.

"Mother, as this is the first time when we meet, I don't know what you like. So I buy you..." Without checking the gift from Li Qianluo, Mu Ruoyan slapped it right off her hand.

Looking at the discarded gift, Li Qianluo felt a bit distressed. She took a deep breath and was about to say something when Si Jinheng said in a cold tone: "You are unreasonable. Let's go upstairs!"

"Heng, how dare you say that to me for this tramp!" Mu Ruoyan was astonished.

Ignoring what Mu Ruoyan said, Si Jinheng grabbed Li Qianluo's hand and went upstairs without looking back. Upon reaching the room Li Qianluo lived in, she saw that all her things were thrown about outside the room in a mess.

... How much did this mother-in-law dislike her? Who was the daughter-in-law in her heart?

But, she should keep silent and let Si Jinheng solve it. "Mrs. Du." Si Jinheng summoned Mrs. Du upstairs at once, who was followed by Mu Ruoyan.

"Move my wife's stuff into my room." Without a glance at Mu Ruoyan, Si Jinheng pulled Li Qianluo into the room.

"Si Jinheng! How can you let this woman live in Weiwei's room and clean away all the things of Weiwei? You are totally a disappointment!" Mu Ruoyan called her son in his full name for the first time. It seemed that she was really mad.

Weiwei? That name reminded Li Qianluo of the name "Wei" on his Wechat contact list that day. Could it be the same one?

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