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Chapter 142
142 – What Would Happened To Hattuo? (First)

After that incident, I stayed over at Zen’s house and had a wonderful time playing around with Zen and his childhood friend (onee-san)… Her name was Ruby-san I think.

Hmm, I saw questions asking about what happened to the Emperor of Hattuo.

Let’s put the incident with the [Shadows] aside.
This time, the mess was about him trespa.s.sing the country and also kidnapping, but thanks to me stopping everything else in their tracks, that was all that was pinned on him.

Well, an amateur in national politics such as me was not really clear on such things but Father told me over dinner last night that that fat uncle was in quite a bad position right now.



And now, for some reason I was in a castle of some sorts in the capital, and was currently walking through a corridor. A magic-mirror like tool as lined along the walls of the corridor that could allowed one to looked into the room.

Yes, this was the room where the Hattuo Emperor was imprisoned in.

What the heck?
[TN: He was tsukkomi in a kansai dialect, nandeyanen. ]

Although I was not from Kansai, I still felt like tsukkoming. I knew I did helped out with quite a lot of stuff but dear King Kesamu, what were you really thinking? I mean, I am still only 8 years old you know? I am at the age where I would need parental guidance for about everything I do, you know?

Ah, although Father did teleported over and was with me till we reached the room though. See? No matter how much of a [cheat] I was, I still need parental company. Because I knew that having strength and skills didn’t meant that one would had wisdom and knowledge as well.

Right? Seeing I was a only a child.

I looked up at King Kesamu with a pair of puzzled eyes, hoping he would give me an answer as to why I was here.

” Because, Will… Ah, anyway, for the time being, the verdict is decided. Like giving a fine and much more. He also had no idea that it would became this big of a problem when he first started clearing the forest. It was also thanks to you saving his life, which was why everything went smoothly. ”
” I, I see… ”
” But still, executing an Emperor of a nation is not going to be an easy task, considering his people in his nation. There is quite a lot of troubles involved. ”
” R, right.. ”
” And when I tried talking to him, it ended up him begging me to help his country. He don’t even mind surrendering his country over. Which was why… ”

The King grinned.

” I am leaving it up to Will. ”
” Huh?! ”

It came so much as a shock to me that the usual adult me had beautifully produced a note that even a soprano would be proud of.



In the end, the King had his way and pushed me into the room. I can’t believed it. To think he would bring a child into the room of the nation’s most important criminal!

What was this? Eh?! Why was this happening?!

What ‘Hattuo was going to be under us so please managed it’ ?! What the heck?! Was this a royal degree? Was I being bullied?

Unbelievable, brother.


And so, there was only a table separating the former Emperor of a country that had surrendered to us, and me. That balding head and that huge figure. It was the prefect picture of a evil n.o.ble at every angle. That arrogance face did shown regret and repentance, as well as if he had given up something, yet had a glimmer of hope.

That expression… did it really belonged to this wicked person?

Plus, I was bothered about something King Kesame said. ‘It ended up him begging me to help his country’… I looked at the former Emperor of Hattuo. He had an astonished expression on his face. Like he had not imagined the person standing on the other side of the door would be a kid like me. But he did not had the disdainful expression most adult would have when they saw a kid at the time they were expecting an adult.

That surprised me so much that I raised my eyebrows. Hmm, I revealed my true feelings too early. It looked like I was still far away at perfecting the art of a poker face. The aim I had was to have a fearless smiling poker face.

” Are you… William Beryl? ”
” Yes, yes I am. Nice to meet you, I am William Beryl and somehow I am placed in-charged of managing your country. I am pleased to make your acquaintance and would be in your care hereafter. ”

He interrupted me in the middle of my rumblings thoughts so I panicked a little and answered all in one breath, causing the Emperor to looked flabbergasted.

Ah. I did it.

Anyone would be surprised when an 8 year old child started speaking like that, won’t they…. And usually they would need a few minutes before they would snapped back….

” Fu ha ha ha… ha ha ha..!! ”

This person just went up and started laughing! Did he went crazy?! Was that such a huge shock?!


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