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   Chapter 12 A b.l.o.o.d.y Cut

The Mu clan? Even these two ignorant rascals would know a thing or two about the Mu clan!

Everyone in SH City knows the Mu clan. It is the clan that holds sway over the economy and politics of the SH City!

So this pretty girl is Linda Xia, the famed Lady of the Xia clan who is engaged to the eldest son of the Mu clan, Charles Mu?

Terrified, those two looked to Walker Chen, not knowing what to do. They dared not cross the Mu clan.

After lighting up a cigarette, Walker Chen slowly opened his mouth.

"Linda Xia. The eldest daughter of the Xia clan and the soon-to-be Lady of the Mu clan? What a stroke of luck. If a big news were to break out about the eldest daughter of the Xia clan having a threesome before she marries to the Mu clan... I wonder if the Mu clan would still take you in then..."

Those two understood what he said. The skinny one asked, "Boss, can we get a raise, on top of that one hundred thousand Yuan you promised? After this, we dare not stay in SH City anymore..."

"Fine, I will throw in an extra fifty thousands. No more. My money is tight recently!"

The whole company was going bankrupt. Of course, the money was tight!

After being promised a generous raise, the fatty and the skinny one made up their minds and walked up to Linda once again. Linda began to think of a new strategy with her eyes closed.

What to do!

What to do!

She can't very well let these rascals rape her!

Before she realized it, the hands of the fatty were already on her smooth face.

Looking at Linda's face, her red and glossy lips and enchanting eyes, the fatty felt like e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. already.


Just when the hands of the fatty were about to take their forage further south, the door of the depot was opened once again.

No, this time it was kicked open!

Linda turned around and she saw Charles Mu.

Finally, Charles Mu came to her rescue. Linda felt relieved. Although deep down, she did not think Charles to be any better, he was still way better than this old timer Walker Chen!

The moment Walker Chen saw Charles Mu, the look on his face turned.

Instead of rus.h.i.+ng into the room, Charles Mu took his time propping up against the door with his arms folded, looking intrigued by the goings-on inside.

"You dare touch my girl?"

The hands of Walker Chen were shaking. He then stubbed out the cigarette and pulled out a fruit knife. Striding forward, he put the fruit knife on Linda's neck, yelling, "Charles Mu! Don't come any closer. I don't care if she is your girl!" She ruined my family. I want her to pay dearly."

"Walker Chen. Before all these, it had only costed you a wife, a son and your company. Now, are you going to let it cost you a life in prison?" Charles Mu was playing with the dragon ring on his index finger while looking down with his usual calmness, Walker Chen sneered, saying, "Linda Xia is in my hands. You are in no position to bargain with me. You think you can be faster than my knife?" "...Well, I guess we will see about that. "

Hardly had Charles Mu finished his words when a tinny steel ball was shot from the dragon ring worn on his index finger and found its way to Walker's hand holding the knife.

Feeling an extreme pain, Walker Chen lost his grip on the knife, which then immediately dropped to the floor.

Seizing the moment, Charles Mu stepped forward and stamped his foot on Walker's big belly.

With a loud bang, Walker Chen fell crus.h.i.+ng down to the concrete floor. Such was the force of Charles's kick.

Howling with pain, Walker Chen lay on the ground, unable to get up.

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