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   Chapter 14 Especially Those of the Qi Clan

The one Violet referred to as James Mu was none other than the father of Charles Mu.

Sensing the frustration from the back seat, the chauffeur replied cautiously, "Yes, about a week ago, we received words from the Xia clan that they have found the eldest daughter at last."

"Give him a call and ask when they will be back. I would love to meet this newly-found eldest daughter of the Xia clan. Violet's spirit was brought low when she heard the news. The sight of her cold, straight face made the chauffeur anxious with sweats all over his forehead.

After he got off the phone, the chauffeur replied, "My Lady, Young Master is in the hospital on XW Road.

"What is he doing in a hospital?"

"We don't know yet. But according to the hospital, Young Master was covered in blood with the Lady of the Xia clan laying on his arms when he entered the hospital..."

"What!" The words "covered in blood" scared the h.e.l.l out of Violet Xing. Was this Lady of the Xia clan a jinx? How come her son ended up in the hospital on the very day when he was out picking her up?

"Turn around and take me to the hospital!"

"Yes, My Lady." After wiping off the sweats, the chauffeur turned around and headed straight to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Violet Xing charged in in a hurry without knowing what was going on inside the hospital.

It happened around the same time when Linda and Doctor Xu were having a good chat. Anna had finished operating on Linda's cut. After wrapping up the cut, Anna gave Linda a long s.h.i.+rt to put on.

Much to Linda's embarra.s.sment, she found that the s.h.i.+rt was barely covering her b.u.t.t. However, there was nothing to be done about that.

The gorgeous and expensive dress had already been ruined beyond repair.

"Linda, when you get back, try to keep you arm off water, or else the cut might get infected. And also... You should remind the Young Master to change your wound dressing in time..."

Before Anna could finish her words, the door of the treatment room was banged open.

Looking up, Anna could see that the intruder was none other than the mother of Charles Mu, the most prestigious Lady of the Mu clan.

"My lady, what brings you here?" Anna stood up with a gentle smile on her face.

Instead of answering Anna, Violet Xing cut straight to the chase and yelled, "Where is my son?"

The way she looked at it, Anna was but one of many thousands of poor students that the Mu clan sponsored.

She wasn't even fit to lick her shoe, let alone talking to her.

Apparently, Anna had grown immune to violet's slight as if it was to be expected. She was about to reply that Charles Mu was out changing his clothes.

Before Anna could gave her answer, Violet Xing glanced over the room, and cast her eyes on the blodd-stained s.h.i.+rt on the floor.

She could make out that this was Charles's clothes.

The blood-stained s.h.i.+rt convinced Violet Xing that the girl in front of her was responsible for her son's injury.

"You are the new-found Lady of the Xia clan? Where is my son? You are quite something, aren't you? You are already jeopardizing the life of my son even before you marry into our house!" growled Violet Xing, who looked at Linda with cold eyes and a slightly frowning look.

The t.i.tle "Lady" gave Linda the idea as to who the intruder was. The furious woman was clearly here to point fingers.

But Linda didn't recall Charles being injured.

It was her that got cut in the arm for nothing, and it was as painful as h.e.l.l.

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