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   Chapter 16 Walker Chen is Dead

Charles Mu raised his hand and answered honestly, "The ring is actually a hidden weapon with multiple functions. It can be a recorder, and a camera. What you saw back then was a steel ball shot from its lower part which hurts no less than a real gun. But the steel ball also a micro monitor once it was embedded in human vessels."

Linda was stunned. Is it even possible for a tiny ring to be so multifunctional? It sounded like the weapon of James Bond.

"Seriously? Where did you get this? I don't see any difference. Are you just playing with me?" Linda Xia pulled Charles Mu's hand closer to have a look at the ring. Still, she found nothing peculiar.

"A pig would climb up trees before you figure out this ring."

"You!" Linda Xia was choked by his words and simply turn her back at Charles Mu.

A smile developed on Charles Mu's face as he gazed upon the girl standing before him with his pretty eyes. The s.h.i.+rt enveloping her body was rather transparent with top two b.u.t.tons unbuckled, which ensured a vague yet bewitching view of her breast.

What's the saying about too much and not enough brains? It seemed quite doubtful to Charles Mu.

The dragon ring was the latest technology painstakingly developed by the scientific research inst.i.tution sponsored by the Mu clan.

Though it appeared no different from an ordinary ring.

Following Charles Mu's eyes, Linda suddenly realized what he was looking at. She immediately blushed, "What do you think you are looking at! You pervert!"

"It's not like I haven't seen it before." Linda felt like a fish out of water with Charles Mu's aggressive eyes staying around her breast.

Indeed, this man had seen more than enough of her body the very first time they met.

"I'll dig your eyeb.a.l.l.s out if you keep looking!"


Mercedes S600 was das.h.i.+ng steadily on the road and soon they've reached their destination.

Linda took a look around the place where they stopped. The villas here were several times the size of that of the Xia clan.

"Is here the villa of the Mu clan?" Linda Xia asked.

Instead of clearing her doubts, Charles Mu stepped forward and entered the house, which made Linda even more furious. Paul said, "My Lady, this is the wedding house for you and Young Master, arranged by His Lords.h.i.+p."

"I see, thank you." Linda gave Paul a smile in grat.i.tude.

Even his chauffeur was far more nicer than Charles Mu himself!

However, it seemed to Linda that Charles Mu's men were actually quite nice fellows, whether it be Dr.Anna or Paul.

Linda hurried into the room right after Charles Mu. There were already several maids inside.They were all in the same uniforms.

"Good afternoon, Young Master and My Lady."

The maids were clearing up the new house for their master and the lady. When they walked in, they immediately stopped their works at hand to greet them.

"Can you fetch me something decent to wear?"

The first thing Linda did was to sent a maid to find her some clothes since she was improperly dressed in such an exposed and weird way.

Back when they were in the car, Charles's agrresive, yet l.u.s.t-ridden gaze made a grown woman like Linda feel ill at ease with her ears burning.

"Yes, My Lady. Please wait a moment." The maid nodded and gave her a gentle look.

Were servants in Mu's clan always so well-trained? She's fair and pretty like pearl falling on a jade plate. She seemed so pure and comforting to Linda.

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