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   Chapter 18 The Prenup

Linda was p.i.s.sed. This guy was clearly awake for a long time, and yet he still pretended to be asleep. What was he up to?

"This is my bed. Why can't I sleep in it?" Charles slowly opened his eyes and stared at Linda's pretty face like he was trying to read into her soul.

"Shame on you!" Linda was obviously irritated.

"I will show you what is shame." As he was talking, Charles got up and pulled Linda to his arms with a swing of his big hands.

Linda smelled a light fragrance.

It didn't smell like perfume so much as the smell given off by Charles himself.

Linda yelled in fury, "Let go of me! Why are you so h.o.r.n.y?"

"Isn't this what you want? Isn't this why your family went to the trouble of sending you here? Can you honestly say this is not what you want?" Linda was infuriated by the smirk on Charles's face.

Went to the trouble? What I want?

She wished she had never met this man in the first place!

Arrogant! Narcissist! A perverted man with persecutory delusion!

What deliberate encounter? What going to the trouble?

While thinking about that, Linda suddenly developed an interest in a.n.a.lyzing his mental issues and asked, "Charles Mu, have you experienced some sort of emotional trauma? Why do you always a.s.sume that people are there to hurt you?"


"Well, yes, indeed, "

Answered Charles while nodding his head. Linda became more excited and said, "Why don't you tell me about it? I minored at psychology when I was in college. Maybe I can help!"

A teasing smile developed on Charles's lips as he looked at Linda with his sharp and deep eyes. "Really?"

"Yes, " nodded Linda like a little chicken pecking at the rice.

Charles Mu flipped over and pressed himself on top of Linda. A dangerous air permeated the entire room.

Charles was irredeemably attracted to this girl underneath him as he felt his body started to heat up.

He had seen plenty of beautiful women, but no one could turn him on in the way Linda did.

Only this girl...

"I need love. Can you help me with that?"

Linda struggled to break free, for she found this position to be extremely dangerous.

Being a virgin, Linda's ears were burning with embarra.s.sment for a moment.

Charles, on the other hand, was rather delighted to see her infuriated face.

"Get off me!" yelled Linda.

"Didn't you say you want to help me?"


Suddenly, there was a sound of someone knocking on the door.

Only then did Charles got off Linda in a slow motion and calmly said, "Come in."

A few seconds later, Paul came in. When he caught the sight of Linda's rumpled clothes, he immediately realized what had happened, "Well... Is this a bad time? Do you want me to come back later?"

Linda was about to explain when Charles interrupted her and said, "Yes."


Linda was utterly speechless. This man was really... Shameless...

"There is no need, Paul! Say what you have to say!" Linda hurriedly stopped Paul from leaving. What if Paul left and this guy continued his insanity? After all, this was his turf.

Paul gave Charles a look, and only opened his mouth after Charles had nodded his permission.

There was a subtle trace of smile on Charles's lips.

"Young Master, everything has been arranged as you ordered, " answered Paul respectively.

"Well then, give it to her."

Paul handed a stack of papers to Linda.

The clueless Linda opened up the file, on which there was a t.i.tle that read: Prenup.

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