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Chapter 2 A Real Lady Indeed  


A s.e.xually experienced man like him is surely not a decent man. A playboy!

With this thought, Linda Xia decided to play docile and gave up her struggle as if she had been subdued. And while the man's guard was down, She lifted up her leg, trying to kick his crotch.

Charles Mu had sensed that something was off right when her body started to loosen up. How would an intransigent girl like her give up that easily? He immediately came to his senses when Linda Xia started aiming for his crotch.


Her little scheme fall through as Charles Mu lurched to the side.

"You are quite something." With no more ado, Charles Mu grabbed Linda Xia by the wrist, causing her extreme pain.

"What are you doing? Let go of me!"

"Let go of you? Isn't this show of yours about seducing me?"

Charles Mu dragged her up against the wall and held Linda's tinny and delicate chin tightly using his another hand.



Before Linda Xia could finish her sentence, she felt this sudden coldness down her chest. Looking down, she saw her collar being torn apart by Charles Mu and her white bra was fully exposed.

Letting out a scream, Linda Xia hurriedly covered her chest. However, the thought of the contract tucked around her waist made her redirect her hands to cover her waist. As Charles Mu watched her movement with cold eyes, he was ever more convinced of her intention and proceeded to tear the remaining clothes with his hand.

"The uniform of the Crown Club is really nice, very seductive."

"You jerk!"

Charles Mu gave a sneer, and with an effortless pull, the rip in the clothes kept widening. Linda Xia covered her body in a hurry.

With a wave of his hand, the rip now reached down to the waist. Having failed to wriggle

Her way out, Linda Xia could not help but cry out of anxiety.

This guy must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed! How did I run into this devil?

Am I to lose my virginity here?

The more Linda tried to cover her body, the harder Charles Mu kept constraining her hands, making her immobile.

Seeing that flushed face of anxious Linda Xia, the pitch-dark eyes of Charles Mu reflected a flash of ineffable emotion.

"Get off me. What's wrong with you? Humping on whatever woman you see? What do you want? If you don't stop, I will start screaming! !"

Charles Mu was amused by what Linda said, "What do I want? I want to f.u.c.k you!"

A big hand kept caressing from the smooth white back of Linda all the way down to... the b.u.t.t... That numbing feeling made Linda hot and weird.

What should I do? Am I to be banged by this total stranger? It sucks...

She is still a virgin, for crying out loud.


"My Lady."

Linda Xia was in panic when she heard the door being banged open, along with a resounding and steady voice.

"My Lady?"

Charles Mu stopped and took a look at Linda Xia who were pinned down against the wall.

Linda Xia was startled by the presence of those entering at first, and then her eyes regained their usual calm. The calmness was soon replaced by despair... like a twinkling sky suddenly got overclouded.

Charles Mu became curious.

Why would this so called "Lady" react in this way?

The man in a suit was wearing a pair of gilded His face was a bit twitching when he first saw Linda Xia with her ragged cloth. But when he spotted Charles Mu, he reluctantly reined in his anger.

"h.e.l.lo, Master Mu. Is there some sort of misunderstanding between you and our Lady?"

"None whatsoever." Charles Mu withdrew his hands and let go of Linda Xia.

Linda Xia rolled her eyes at Charles Mu, pushed him away and then stayed far away from him. She pointed at one of the bodyguards behind the man with gilded and shouted.

"Take it off!"

The man with gilded instantly understood and had the clueless bodyguard take off his jacket and then handed it to Linda Xia.

After putting on the jacket, Linda Xia was about to leave when the man with gilded stopped her.

"My lady, please come home with us."

"Home?" Linda Xia was about to throw a tantrum, but instead lowered her voice when she spotted Charles Mu, who was clearly enjoying this. "I am not going back."

Linda Xia started to go out while talking. Charles Mu made way for her and heard the man with gilded talking to Linda Xia. "The family car was parked at the backdoor. His lords.h.i.+p gave me an explicit order to ask you to come home with us."

Linda Xia was sandwiched between the two bodyguards before she could give any answer. She glared at the man with gilded and left.

The mentioning of Xia clan gave Charles Mu an answer.

Linda Xia was led through the backdoor and onto the car. The man with gilded deliberately sat next to her in case she ran away.

The car ran on smoothly. Linda Xia put on a long face and remained silence.

"You went missing shortly after birth. It has been hard on His Lords.h.i.+p for all these years."

"We have been out looking for you all there years. Now that we have found you, it is really a shame you won't come home with us."

"We servants have been talking you up. Her Ladys.h.i.+p is appeased now. You have nothing to worry about."

Linda Xia curled her lips and withdrew her neck into the oversize jacket.

She spent her childhood with her mother Donna Xie and her sister Cindy Xie, and her mother loved her dearly.

Little did she know that a couple days ago, a bunch of men in suits approached her and told her that she was the long-lost Lady of the Xia clan.

What is the Xia clan? That clan was a big, if not the wealthiest, clan in SH. It would gobble you up like you were never born.

A while back she amost died of a car accident on a bridge. That was also the doing of that stepmother to prevent her from returning to Xia clan.

Linda Xia was irritated by this thought and turned away to look outside the car.

The car ran on quickly and before long they had arrived at the gate of the Xia clan.

Before Linda Xia got out of the car, she saw a bunch of people standing at the glittering entrance of that palatial villa of the Xia clan.

"The Lady is back."

With a solemn announcement, the man with gilded got off the car first, followed by Linda Xia with a frowned face, who felt that something was off the moment her toes touched the ground.

For G.o.d's sake, she was still provocatively dressed. And what is worse, her dress was already torn apart by Charles Mu. Now everyone can see her wretchedness and s.e.xiness even with the oversize jacket on.

d.a.m.n, I am screwed!

That man with gilded, Vincent Zhou, was the son of the butler of the Xia clan. He let me show up at the house of the Xia clan in this condition and in full view of everyone here.

There are no good people in Xia clan after all. And that so called "Master Mu" was the cause of my misery. He really screwed me over by tearing up my clothes, and the one covering my b.r.e.a.s.t.s no less.

Fine, fine. These vultures have already given me a hard time even before I enter the Xia clan.

The stepmother May Shen was there at the entrance with Lisa Xia. They looked at the clothes of Linda Xia with an undisguised ridicule in their eyes.

Linda Xia sneered and walked up to those two with a fake s.h.i.+vering look.

"My, who is this? If I didn't know any better, I would think this is some prost.i.tute from a club." Lisa Xia folded her arms and looked at Linda Xia with a t.i.tter.

"His Lords.h.i.+p gave words to bring the Lady home today." Vincent Zhou replied for Linda Xia.

"A real... Lady indeed." The pun was intended by Lisa Xia and the mock in her eyes grew ever more obvious.

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