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   Chapter 7 The Death Anniversary of the Biological Mother

Linda Xia quietly finished her dinner.

After she put down her chopsticks, Johnson Xia coughed.


"Father, " interrupted Linda, after she wiped her lips clean in a rather graceful fas.h.i.+on. "Am I to go with Young Master Mu even though today is my first day at home?"

"As you know, Linda, thing is..." Knowing he was in the wrong, Johnson explained to Linda with patience.

"Can I delay my departure for a day or two?" Linda looked up with eyes teeming with tears that resembled a rippling pond under an apricot tree.

Lisa snorted at her pitiful look.

"Don't you understand that the time of Young Master Mu is precious? Shame on you for putting on airs when he is already kind enough to make the journey here."

Looking at the disdain on Lisa's face, Linda gave Charles who were sitting next to her a grieving look. However, the grievance on her look only incurred a snort from Charles. "Quite an actress, " thought he.

The clear disgust on Charles's look didn't escape the eyes of Linda who was pretending to be vulnerable.

Precious time?

Yeah, as if the time spent in the night club could be that precious!

The resemblance of the looks on both Lisa and Charles was uncanny. Linda thought that those two really belonged together. Let those two get married lest they went about wrecking other people's lives.

"Don't you know how many people would kill to marry Young Master Mu?"

What do I care?

Linda was about to retort, but after seeing the ingratiating and h.o.r.n.y face of Lisa, she changed her mind.

"I know. Aren't you one of them?"

"Linda Xia!" The look on Lisa's face turned sour after her otherwise well-hidden secret being exposed in public.

"There indeed is no shortage of women like you who are racking their brains to marry Young Master Mu." Linda looked at Lisa with a sincere look. Seeing the restraining look on Lisa's face turn deep red, she then added in a devil-may-care tone. " How about you marry the Young Master Mu? "

The otherwise infuriated look on Lisa's face suddenly turned into a hearty smile when Lisa heard this remark.

May Shen was quick to spot the smile on Lisa'a face. That silly girl. How could she smile in here? She then kicked Lisa'a shoe hard under the table.

Lisa felt a strong kick and immediately dropped her smile. What remained of the smile got mixed up with anger and for a while her face was twisted.

Charles Mu watched what was going on on this table with cold eyes and found Linda's unyielding spirit quite challenging.

Nonetheless, he still had to find out what this girl was up to.

The way she played this hard-to-get trick spoke volumes about her sophisticated character.

"The marriage was arranged by elder members of both families, so there shall be no delay on this matter. " Charles Mu squinted at Linda like an old fox.

"But I just got here, and..." Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, Linda continued to look at Johnson with misty eyes.

Johnson Xia had become restless. Although Lisa's words could sound a bit harsh, but nonetheless straightforward and true. Now, even Charles had spoken on this matter. Why is it so hard for this daughter to come around?

With this thought, a dash of impatience flashed through Johnson's mind and he frowned.

"Linda, " said Johnson with a touch of exasperation in his tone, "You can not say no on this matter."

Upon hearing this, Linda kept her head down, her shoulders quivering, and Johnson's frown grew deeper. Seeing what happened, May Shen hurried to weigh in on the situation

"Lady Linda just got back. It is only natural that she is reluctant to leave."

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