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Chapter 86 There's a First Time for Everything

Bun was being thoughtful and she drew the curtains close for them.

And then she closed the door and left.

Linda s.h.i.+fted herself in Charles Mu's arms and then stared him with an innocent look.

"You are really getting out of line now."

Linda then whispered in his ears, "Darling, I am having my period..."

Charles Mu's pupils constricted as he was looking back at Linda's eyes of triumph. He suddenly figured out what was going on.

No wonder that she dared seduce him like that...

However, Charles Mu was only stunned for a few seconds.

Then a wicked smile was creeping back on his face again. He let go of Linda and said, "So what?"

"So you can't. s.e.xual intercourses during menstruation may lead to high risks of gynecological inflammation and therefore cause endometriosis and other diseases... It could be really dangerous. So I bet you won't do this to me, will you?"

Linda then threw her arms around Charles Mu and kissed him with a naughty smile. He always seized every chance he could get to tease her, and it's finally Linda's turn to pay him back.

"Well, that's alright... It's you soul that I'm deeply in love with..." Then he just held Linda in his arms and closed his eyes, leaving Linda staring at his sleeping face in surprise.

There went a peaceful night.

Charles Mu did dote on her after all, and so he did nothing more than holding her quietly in his arms throughout the whole night.

Next day Linda was woken up early in the morning. It's the big day of her and Charles Mu's engagement party.

There were lots of preparation needed to be done. However, Charles Mu still went to the company to attend several meetings.

Their engagement party was to be held in RO hotel, the most luxurious five-star hotel in the entire SH city.

The news of the engagement of the lady of the Xia clan and the CEO of the Mu company had been spreading around the city since yesterday's afternoon.

And everyone was talking about it.

What was she like? How could she marry so outstanding a man as Charles Mu?

As soon as Charles Mu reached the company, he headed directly to the conference room on the fifth floor. There was not a minute to waste and he wanted to nail those important meetings as quick as possible.

It was the day of his engagement. He couldn't wait to go back home and stay with his beloved fiancee.

There were working zones scattered along the corridor all the way to the conference room.

The staff in the office would "peep at" Charles Mu everytime he pa.s.sed through, for he was always the hot topic among them.

Mary Zhang was Charles Mu's secretary who kept minutes on the meetings. She happened to come out from the office to the tea room for some drinks when she ran into Charles Mu in the corridor, and she was obviously surprised.

"Mr.Mu, isn't it your engagement day today? Still here for the meetings?"

"Right. Get them ready and we will start in five minutes."

"Then I will congratulate you on your happy wedding in advance."

Charles Mu stopped and turned around to look at Mary Zhang.

Mary Zhang suddenly realized she might have just crossed the line. Charles Mu never liked it when people gossiped about his private life. She then lowered her head hastily to apologize, "I'm sorry, Mr.Mu..."

But to her surprise, there was a smile on Charles Mu's icy cold face when he replied, "Well, thank you. And tell them there will be 50% of extra bonus for everyone this month."

Those whose desk were close enough to hear what Charles Mu just said almost jumped up from their seats at the exciting news.

While Mary Zhang was standing still, looking too stunned to move a finger. What was that? Mr.Mu could actually smile?

The Mu company was never mean when it came to the issue of employee benefits. Now that Charles Mu had promised another extra bonus to celebrate his engagement, everyone was more than thrilled.

And they were growing fonder of Mrs. Mu, though they had not yet had a chance to meet her.

Hardly when Charles Mu stepped into the conference room, there were whispers coming from every corner of the office.

"It seems that Mr. Mu is really into that lady of the Xia clan. Did you see the smile on his face when he talked about the engagement? Tell you what, I've never seen him smiling before."

"Neither did I... Actually I used to think that he can't smile until just now..."

Mary Zhang still seemed to be miles away. Paul glanceed at her and snapped, "Come on, the meeting will begin in five minutes. Now hurry up. Go gather the heads of all departments!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Haha."

The room was dusky and depressing.

The only dim light in the room came from the television, which was on with the daily news. Lisa Xia was kneeling down next to Adam Huo's feet, looking absolutely obedient.

"Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu company, will officially be engaged to Linda Xia, the lady of the Xia clan in the RO hotel at 5 p.m. sharp today..."

Lisa Xia raised her head abruptly upon hearing the news. There was a note of fury and coldness in her eyes.

"Look, your sister is getting engaged. How happy."

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