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   Chapter 9 Leaving the Xia Clan

"What is wrong with me watching my fiancee eating?" Charles retorted.

"Who is your fiancee? Marry whoever you want, but it is not going to be me."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, My Lady, you are good at this game. You purposely made a sound to lure me down here and then you put on a cooking show. Are you trying to impress me by acting as an ideal wife? Well?"

Charles stroked his chin with a mocking smile playing at his lips. His sharp and clear eyes were not without a touch of disgust.

He began to have a hard time deciphering this girl. What was she up to?

Playing hard to get? Making sound on purpose? Was he referring to the flowerpot that Linda accidentally knocked over?

Only a few words popped out of Linda's mind.

Is he nuts?

In a fit of anger, Linda grabbed Charles by the collar of his s.h.i.+rt, "Charles Mu, do you think you can go for one minute without being this I am hungry and simply trying to find something to eat in the kitchen!"

Charles Mu grasped Linda's hand instead, and with a swing of his hand, he pulled Linda into his arms.

A whiff of intimate breath of Charles kept caressing Linda's ear.

Linda struggled to break free, but Charles's grip was simply too tight for a girl.

She thought Charles was beginning to enjoy bullying her.

"Let go of me. What are you doing! In broad daylight! Making a move on a decent lady!" Linda yelled out loud whilst trying to wriggle her way out of Charles's embrace.

"In broad daylight? Decent lady? You? For a girl showing up at the Crown Club to call herself a decent lady... I am not buying it..."

Mad as Linda was, she started to pick up a dangerous vibe. Was this Charles trying to do something to her in this kitchen?

Mustering all her strength, Linda pushed Charles back and ran back to her chamber without looking back.

Fearing Charles would tag along, she locked the door.

The thought of she being engaged to this obnoxious man gave Linda a headache.

But she was dead beat, and after the shower, she lay down on her warm and cozy bed fit for a princess and quickly dozed off to slumberland.

Next morning. a servant woke Linda up when she was still dreaming. The zoomed-up face of the servant scared the h.e.l.l out of her.

She... Didn't she lock the door last night? It was strange that the servant could still manage to go in...

"My Lady, rise and s.h.i.+ne. After we get you properly dressed, you should go down stairs for your breakfast and then Young Master Mu will bring you back to his place, " the servant smiled at Linda.

Linda rubbed at her aching head. In order to have her vengeance, she had no choice. It was only an engagement with Charles Mu, not a wedding. She would have to be patient and wait until the Xia clan could get back on its feet and the mystery surrounding her biological mother's death was solved.

Once the Xia clan was strong again, Linda would have no trouble breaking off this engagement!

The servants were done primping Linda up, and after Linda finished was.h.i.+ng, she went downstairs.

Down in the dinning room, Johnson Xia, May Shen and Lisa were all seated.

Even Charles was already seated at the table. The breakfast had already been served, yet no one was eating except Charles.

Seeing Linda coming down, Johnson Xia was beaming with smile.

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