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Chapter 397: Cemetery Horde

"Um… don't eat yet. I have a secret seasoning that can… remove… poison…" Ye Cang wanted to stop ThornyRose but it was already too late. Wu Na sighed in relief, that was close. She watched as ThornyRose cursed at Ye Cang before collapsing.

Ye Cang took out the marshwalker's roots, grinded some into powder, and sprinkled it on the mushroom stew and rice. They immediately began to shine and emit a tasty and succulent smell. Everyone quickly walked around ThornyRose's 'corpse' and basked in the flavor of the secret seasoning. Although the viscera was still disgusting, but it was at least edible. With Ye Cang's group's built up resistance, it wasn't enough to knock them out. However, ElegantFragrance and the girls had yet to pass through Ye Cang's 'baptism'. It was disgusting enough to make them faint. SpyingBlade sighed. The regulars had all developed antibodies. It could knock the new girls out but they could barely withstand it. He didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. He looked at ThornyRose and laughed bitterly. Her luck was pretty good, and she didn't die. Her health was left with about 5%.

ThornyRose woke up and saw Ye Cang's concerned expression. She instantly bit down. "Bastard!!"

"My face!" Ye Cang shouted. FrozenBlood nodded upon hearing the familiar scream. It had been a long time since she had last heard it.

Wu Na quickly worked with FrozenBlood and pulled them apart. Wu Na began to sympathize with ThornyRose even more.

Zhang ZhengXiong began to cast Healing Light on her. Little Ye Tian also helped restore her health.

ThornyRose took deep breaths. She saw that everyone else looked fine, and glared fiercely at Ye Cang. "Let's go…"

Ye Cang watched as ThornyRose walked through the shrubbery. He rubbed the teeth marks on his face and sighed. "That crazy woman forgot to take her medicine again…"

After speaking, he raised his ballista and followed. Wu Na was curious about how the two met. FrozenBlood saw her curiosity and took the initiative to go gossip. Wu Na learned about those two arrows in the chrysanthemum and immediately broke out in cold sweat. This was clearly a deep grudge… it was amazing that they could still become teammates.

Along the way, they easily dealt with the scattered enemies. ThornyRose looked admiringly at Shaking Bear and Little Tian's effectiveness against undead. Shaking Bear was a tank, but his weapon was a damn oversized two-hander. It dealt additional holy damage. With a swing of his axe, the specters would turn into dust. The tigerkin was pretty awesome too. It was probably the one with the fastest speed in the team, and it's jumping ability was a menace. It jumped all over the place like a mountain cat. Most importantly, its two swords dealt about the same damage, and it's attack speed was faster than an assassin's. It also had outstanding chasing ability. What made her the most speechless was that it's battle techniques were all taught. It had learned Lin Le's surprise attacks and timely retreats, Shaking Bear's coarse fighting with a trace of softness, and Ye Cang's accuracy and precision. Along with the fact that it could wear equipment, it wasn't like a young beast at all. She was afraid it was stronger than anyone here. Perhaps even those three guys and SpyingBlade could not be assured of victory…

ThornyRose watched as Little Ye Tian rode the kagu bug Little Rations and chased after a ghost that was in the air. This one was also awesome. To be able to fly so early in the game, even if it was probably restricted to low-altitude flying, was amazing. Part way, she could tell that its flight time wasn't long. This might be because it wasn't yet fully grown. The tigerkin was the same. Finally, she looked to the dancing and cheering Weak Sauce as well as Little Blue Feather who was dancing beside him. The falcon was still newborn so it was fine, but that inferior demon was clearly useless. She was very curious how it had come to join their group… She could easily imagine Ye Cang raising his pike high, and turning it into experience.

The ballista gunner Ye Cang, blasted a bolt towards an incoming skeleton. There was not the least bit of suspense. He began to reload, putting in a normal bolt. Having received Ye Cang's bow, ElegantFragrance was like a fish in water. Her damage output was very fierce, no weaker than Ye Cang's. She smiled lovably as she threw the heavy bow back to Ye Cang and said, "Let me play with the ballista! Also throw over some bolts!"

Ye Cang couldn't help smiling. Women really were willful. He caught his heavy bow, then threw his ballista and a few bolts over. ElegantFragrance caught it with some difficulty. The attribute requirements are so high! Lucky I have a talent to reduce the requirements for ranged weapons, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to use it! She put some strength into it and lifted it onto her shoulder. Her other hand skillfully caught the 3 bolts and began to reload it. Her loading time was slower than Ye Cang's by a second. She aimed it at a group of skeletons. Splitting Shot! The ballista bolt blasted out, then two magic arrows split out from it, shooting out like a trident. Under its powerful penetrative ability, the entire group of 10 or so was turned into experience. ElegantFragrance began to pet the ballista. Although loading it was a pain, but that might, it felt so good!

As for Ye Cang who got his bow back, he began to perform trick shots. Shooting while performing various movements. A suddenly stabbed out with his pike, targeting an elites with his straight thrust combo. Then leaped back to avoid the attack and shot an arrow in mid-air. In the short second he was in the air, he completed a stunning weapon swap. When he landed, he quickly turned and avoided an attack from the skeleton behind him. Taking advantage of the dodging time, he drew an arrow and shot the elite skeleton once more, shooting it dead. He dropped the bow to the ground, and performed a Fire Lotus, killing a whole group. Then he began to cast his strongest spell, Light Strike Array! The tens of fresh skeletons that were crawling out of the ground instantly became the target of Light Strike Array. The violent light and flames exploded, inflicting heavy damage and stunning…

ThornyRose had slain quite a few skeletons. She saw that large-scale control magic - Light Strike Array. My god, such a large scale control magic, it must be at least epic tier. GreenDew had seen the entire process from swordsman to trick-shooting archer to mage. It would be impossible to defend against his myriad of tricks. Team Leader, with you here, even me and Nana added together can't match up to a single one of your spells…

Lin Le acted like he was under no pressure at all. After he activated his aura, he could stand in the horde and swing left and right, killing swaths of skeletons. The damage that the ones who managed to hit him did was practically negligible thanks to the aura's life draining ability.

ThornyRose laughed bitterly. That was a true monster farming machine. The set's aura effect made it divine equipment for mass farming. However, for Lele, that aura didn't make much of a difference. His attack power was just too extreme. More importantly, he had extremely high strength yet wasn't frail. At this point in the game, he wasn't much weaker than a tank like herself. Her shield knocked one aside. FrozenCloud flew over with a flying kick, smashing it apart. ThornyRose nodded. Ever since FrozenCloud started spending time with the guys, although her intelligence and morality plummeted, but her technique increased by quite a bit…

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