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Chapter 123 Death Ridge

At dusk, George came into the room and foundthat Ling was packing up.

It was the third day after Ranger's, and Ling had almost recovered and was ready to leave the hospital. However, if things went well, he would leave Phoenix City tomorrow as well. Afterwards, he would cross the Death Ridge and continue heading north towards the Blue RidgeMountain.

George tossed over a crumpled cigarette to Ling and the officer slammed the door. Otherwise, the taste of bad nicotine would attract criticism. George didn't want to be complained by the hospital to the military minister.

"Are you leaving?" George asked, lighting a cigarette.

Ling nodded and stick out his finger to the cigarette end and it became lit up.

George was surprised. "So fire element can be used in such a way?" "Sometimes, I envy you adepts. Sometimes, it's too d.a.m.n convenient."

Ling smiled and said, "You're here to pay me back for my wine?"

George's face immediately sank. He shook his head and said, "Hey buddy, you're not that stingy, are you?"

"You're right this time." Ling smiled and said, "So I plan to buy you a few more drinks before I leave."

"Yeah, like a man." "Don't be so calculative, isn't it just money for a cup of wine?" George laughed. It's always nice to have a drink, isn't it?

"What are your plans after that?"

George asked as the two of them left the room and walked along the corridor towards the entrance of the hospital.

Ling replied vaguely, "I'm going to the North. I should be leaving tomorrow."

"You don't wait for Camber, that pig will have to rest for two or three days before leaving?" George was surprised.

"Didn't you say I wasn't like his man?" In fact, I was just protecting him along the way, making a little extra money. "

George stopped him. "So you're going to cross Death Ridge alone with that kid?" Listen, DeathRidge is not a good place to go. It's full of dangerous jungles, mutated beasts and mob settlements. But the real danger is the Death Flower growing out of nuclear waste. They are everywhere, and those who touch them will bedead. This was the true origin of the name Death Ridge. Moreover, there was a bottomless fissure formed by the collision of plates at the exit of Death Ridge. If one was not careful, he would die without a burial place. So I have to say, it's not wise of you to do that. "

Ling just smiled but did not answer.

Of course, he knew that in order to pa.s.s through the Death Ridge, the success rate of a team was much higher than that of an individual. But now he had no choice. Parkland's killer had appeared and was wandering around him. If he followed the caravan leisurely, it was no different from being a live target. Moreover, he felt that his sense of danger had decreased a lot since he stayed with Camber's caravan.

An easy and comfortable life would dull even the sharpest of knife. If Ling wanted to keep hissharpness, he had to go back into the wilderness. Only by tempering himself with endless dangerswould he be able to maintain or even become sharper.

A blunt blade couldn't pierce Parkland, and only a sharper knife could do, Ling was clear about that. Moreover, he wanted to use Death Ridge as a counterattack. If he wanted to have a pleasant journey in the future, he would have to let the killer remain at Death's Ridge forever. This was also one of the reasons why he separated from the caravan.

Looking at Ling's expression, George knew he couldn't convince him and he would not waste any more time on it. Everyone in the wilderness was free to choose the way they wanted to live, as long as they could afford it. The thought of Monnie's young face in the dangerous jungle made George's heart ache for no reason.

If Johannah was still alive, she'd be as old as the kid, wouldn't she?

George looked more sentimental than usual.

The street was full of people, and no one wanted to stay in a house which could make one sick at the moment, as the intensity of the radiation was waning. At night, the streets will be more crowded, and the city's bars will be packed. This was a common way people live in the new era, staying at home during the day and coming out at night.

On the busy street, Ling saw Monnie.

A young girl with a picture of Lara on her head was asking pa.s.sersby. On the picture was a young woman who looked somewhat like Monnie, but it was Monnie's mother. This photo was drawn by a specialist, based on Monnie's description, using the information center's imaging technology. The synthetic photo with a similarity of more than 90% cost Monnie nearly 20 yuan.

The money was not given by Ling. It was earned by Monnie herself when she found time to danceat dusk and in the evening on the street besides taking care of Ling. Of course, Monnie's beauty always brought trouble. But the daggers flying between her fingers and the dazzling flower strokes always turned the trouble into no trouble. In fact, even Ling was full of praise for Monnie's use of the daggers.

It was a pity that before Monnie's ability can develop into any special powers after experiencing a genetic concussion, such a technique could only be considered flowery fists and kicks. However, it was sufficient to scare ordinary people.

While staying in Phoenix City, Monnie wasn't idle either. She was actively searching for all the information about her mother through various methods, but the results were not very good.

When Monnie looked down again in disappointment, a warm hand rested on her head. Monnie looked up and saw the smiling Lingthrough her fingers.

"As long as you don't give up, one day you will succeed!" Ling encouraged her.

Monnie's disappointed expression was swept away. She nodded heavily and took Ling's hand, acting like a spoiled child at her father. Then she noticed George beside her, and quickly nodded and greeted him.

"I won't disturb you father and daughter. Ling, don't forget that you still want to buy me a drink in the evening!"

After reminding Ling, George shook his big hand in farewell. His tall figure merged into the crowd and quickly disappeared.

Ling patted on Monnie's small shoulder and said, "Let's go eat something first." "Then we will go to the commercial street and buy some supplies. Tomorrow, we will leave Phoenix City."

In the days in Phoenix City, their food was basically bread and water. It was rare for them to go out for a meal. Even if it wasn't for the precious ingredients, just the fact that she was able to eat something else was enough to make Monnie happy for a while. And the little regret that she could no longer remain in the city to inquire after her mother was gone.

Looking at Monnie's bright and innocent face, Ling felt that the occasional extravagance was worth it. At dusk, looking at Monnie hopping in front of him lie a happy bird, Ling felt as if it was in the old days when he took his daughter into the streets.

It was a pity there was one missing, if only Leighhad been there. The idea came across Ling's mind and his heart ached when he thought of Leigh.

"What's wrong, Ling?" The meticulous young lady quickly noticed the change in Ling's expression.

Shaking his head, Ling smiled and said, "It's nothing. It's just that my wound still hurts a little."

He was smiling, but it was a forced smile, and Monnie knew it wasn't the answer. But she was a smart girl, and she didn't want to ask as Ling was unwilling to talk about it. With an angelic smile, she took Ling's hand and walked toward a restaurant on the Commercial Street.

In Monnie's mind, even if she couldn't do anything for Ling, it was good enough to make him smile. For this, Monnie is willing to show the most beautiful smile for Ling!

It was six in the morning, and Ling opened his eyes.

He went into the bathroom, and a moment later he was covered in warm water. This was the last time he'd take a bath in Phoenix. For the rest days, until he reached the next base, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it a second time.

For that, he was willing to pay an additional two yuan on the bill.

Letting the purified water flowed through his entire body, Ling closed his eyes to feel the state of his body.

In terms of his wounds, he was now fully recovered. After treating George to a drink last night, he had snuck into the hospital alone and destroyed all of his relevant information. He then brought the guards to run around Phoenix City a few times lags without a beating heart or red face.

After the fight with the evolved form of Fenrisulfr , as well as the escape from the redwolf and Parkland Killer's absolute, another six evolution points were generated after depletion. For the time being, Ling did not intend to put them into any particular ability. On the contrary, he had to carefully preserve them so that they would notautomatically evolve into any other ability.

The stronger Ling's ability was, the more likely it would be that the number of evolution points one would have to invest into would increase exponentially. Although the combination of many low-level abilities would not be inferior to a high-level ability, it was only relative but not absolute. Ling believed that when the rank of the ability was far away, the strength of the ability could not be made up for by numbers.

If it was a high-level ability, it would definitely be able to instantly kill a large number of enemies of low-ranked ability.

Ling also believed that when he left Death Ridge alive, he would have more evolved points to exchange for stronger abilities.

When he finished his shower and came out of the bathroom. Monnie had woken up and finishedpacking and cutely prepared his tactical suit for Ling. The tactical suit that Ling was wearing was bought in Rage Reef City. However, it was damaged in the repeated battles and was no longer usable. For this reason, while purchasing supplies last night, Ling also bought himself a new tactical suit.

When Ling wore the camouflage uniform, he seemed to have turned into the soldier who had just woken up at base Z7. Not only does the suit fit Ling, but the apparent camouflage is more useful for hiding and bewitching opponents in the jungle. More importantly, the layers of the tactical suit were embedded with a layer of alloy wire loops, which would not only made ittougher, but also made it resistant to impact. As a result, he bought it for 20% more than the normal suit.

Guns, ammunition, grenades, food and water. After carefully inspecting the items in the backpack, Ling left the hotel with Monnie. The light golden rays in the say fell successively and in the beautiful morning of the old age, theywere about to enter the forbidden land of life.

Death Ridge!

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