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Chapter 44.1 - The Tang poem draped in Muzhe

Tang Xiao couldn’t go on her accounts so Mu Cheng borrowed Su Muzhe to her.

When Tang Xiao looked at the alchemist in flowy white clothes on screen, her mood was ridiculously good.

After she entered the game, the notification for guild chat jumped at her.

[Guild] This emperor account #3: Ah? Boss Su, why are you online?

[Guild] Su Muzhe: F***, so you actually had a second alt account.

[Guild] This emperor account #3: …. Why is this tone so familiar?

She clicked open his information and saw that even his alt account was filled to the brim with glittering gold.

She really didn’t understand the world of rich people.

[Guild] This emperor account #3: -- You can’t be little Tang poem, right.

[Guild] Su Muzhe: Right, it’s me. The combination of beauty and talent, the incarnation of love and justice.

[Guild] This emperor account #3: ……

[Guild] Parting song: …..

Ranzhi and Japanese rose always knew that Tang poem, this person, was the true role model for shamelessness.

Maybe it was because the heavens doted on her too much.

No matter how much she asked for death, she couldn’t die.

So in the end, she became more and more brave, her way of asking death exceeding the sky and reaching space.

Mu Cheng sat beside her, looking at his script.

Tang Xiao snuck a peek at him and seeing that he wasn’t looking at her, immediately stripped Su Muzhe naked.

The male character in the game, immediately became an underwear-wearing poor dwarf.

Tang Xiao didn’t say a second word and immediately ran into Hangzhou.

She twisted around Hangzhou to streak naked.

She’d been wanting to do this for ages but she’d always felt that it was a bit embarrassing so she couldn’t do it.

But this was different, after all, it wasn’t her who would lose face.

And before Su Muzhe and Tang poem had gotten married, the things that Su Muzhe had done to Tang poem were innumerable.

On the battlefield, Su Muzhe had killed Tang poem to the point where she was paralysed on the ground.

Tang poem on world chat, used Chinese, dialect, French, German, the language of beasts, to all ask about Su Muzhe’s whole family.

Afterwards, whenever Su Muzhe saw her in the wild, no matter if she was doing a quest or fighting a guild battle, he’d always rush over to her and kill her.

And then watch over her copse for three hours.

Afterwards, Tang poem then slandered Su Muzhe everywhere.

If someone complimented on Su Muzhe being good, she’d rush over to kill them.

If someone swore at SU Muzhe, she’d help them swear at Su Muzhe.

After that, whenever Su Muzhe saw her flirting with girls, he’d also hit her, using the flag of righteous justice.

This made all of the female characters in the Buddhist temple server treat her as their patron saint, their female protector.

And then after, after ….

In the end, basically, they had a complicated relationship, mutually hurting each and to the point of never stopping.

This revenge, didn’t stop when she found out that Su Muzhe was Mu Cheng, it was only temporarily buried.

She wasn’t the least bit angry at Mu Cheng

But she had a deep and bitter grievance towards the character, Su Muzhe!

So it was hard for an opportunity to actually come by.

As the saying goes, success didn’t only come from opportunities, you also had to make opportunities.

Su Muzhe was definitely a famous person in the Buddhist temple server, especially after marrying little Tang poem, he was basically like someone that the whole country watched on the news.

Tang Xiao used his account and just when she’d started streaking naked, the whole world was exploding.

[World] Big chest, no touching: My god, what did I just see? Is that person who’s running around naked, actually Su Muzhe?

[World] It’s here, brush away: We’re done for. Goddess Su has been contaminated by Tang poem. A person like you who has a sickness, how can you save another sick person like her?

[World] Su Muzhe: What nonsense are you speaking. Tang poem, this person, is actually good. She’s got a very good personality, is very pretty and very warm and gentle. I feel like that being able to meet her, I definitely saved the universe in my past life.

[World] It’s here, brush away: …..

After speaking that, anyone with eyes could tell who was on Su Muzhe’s account.

[World] This emperor account #3: Do you want face?

[World] Su Muzhe: No.

[World] This emperor account #3: …...

[World] Su Muzhe: After all, it’s not my face.

[World] This emperor account #3: ……

How could he forget that when Tang poem went crazy, you should never get close to her.

Otherwise the one who gets hurt, is definitely you.

[World] Su Muzhe: This emperor, if you have any opinions about me, you definitely have to tell me.

[World] This emperor account #3: En? Are you planning to change and open a new leaf?

[World] Su Muzhe: I won’t change, no matter what, so at least don’t hold it in until you become sick.

[World] This emperor account #3: …...

Tang Xiao didn’t care about him and continued to streak naked with Su Muzhe’s account, all the way towards the new century’s sun, towards a beautiful future.

The people watching grw more and more.

Those who were watching Tang Xiao asking for death before all thought: F***, you actually dare to be like this in front of Su Muzhe.

Now they thought: Crazy cool, you actually dared to use Su Muzhe’s account to ask for death.

Tang Xiao circled around but in the end, decided to go do a quest.

Back then, Zhu Yuanzhang found 8 people and established the Da Ming dynasty.

A certain Mao found 10 marshals and established the New China.

A certain Yun found 18 people and established the biggest ecommerce group in the world.

Confucius found 72 disciples and established a philosophy that would affect people from all around the world.

Today, Tang Xiao found 5 people and …..

Was destroyed for an afternoon.



TL note:

Zhu Yuanzhang - first emperor of the Ming dynasty

Certain Mao = Mao Zedong

Certain Yun = Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba

~So I'm low-key burning out with translating + being tired from doing an actual full time job so I'll be slowing down releases to once every few days with a possibility of bonus updates on the weekend. 

Or do you guys prefer a full chapter once a week? (I'll still take sponsored chapters because they are few and far between.)

Leave a comment and because This emperor’s alt account is literally named alt account #3 xx

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