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Chapter 45.1 - Wife, I really want to sing a love song

The filming for Spirit Road took up a whole day for the two people.

Tang Xiao wore the female enchantress’s clothes, her exceptional body was exposed.

Xiao Lin’s heart ached as she looked at her own chest.

“I finally know why Mu Cheng didn’t like Su Bai and liked you insead. Who knows how many water bags she’d need to stuff to catch up to your chest size.”

Tang Xiao silently pulled up her chest covering a little bit. “At least I have a chest. Xiao Lin, what are you going to do? When Chief Ning touches your chest, there won’t be much of a difference from when he touches his own.”

“Don’t mock me, if you’re capable, go sleep with Mu Cheng then.”

“There are three keys to success, one) perseverance, 2) be shameless, 3) persevere to be shameless. Right now, I haven’t succeeded which means that I’m not shameless enough.”

Xiao Lin: ……

Not too far away, Mu Cheng walked in wearing all white.

Mu Cheng’s first drama was a historical drama and that was where Tang Xiao had accidentally looked at him once and then fallen into a pit.

His long hair flowing like water, his clear eyes slightly cold, his clothes flowing, his whole aura was clean and cool.

As he walked down the hallway, Mu Cheng and Xia Ziyang were chatting while walking towards them.

Tang Xiao felt like Mu Cheng wasn’t suitable for modern makeup and clothes, he was like something out of a historical painting.

Tang Xiao silently put down the dress that she’d picked up and slightly cleaned up a bit.

In comparison to Mu Cheng’s cold and clean white clothes, she was the exact opposite with her charming and alluring clothes.

She thought for a bit before dragging down the chest covering a bit.

She looked at her slightly revealed cleavage before being satisfied and stopping.

Mu Cheng had seen Tang Xiao from the otherside of the hallway.

Tang Xiao’s looks were more gorgeous, but not overly flashy.

So when you take your first look, you’ll be struck by her beauty but the more you look at her, the more clean you find her.

His normally calm eyes were filled with a burning passion for the first time.

Tang Xiao was like a flame, something that had completely turned over his previously calm and still water.

Seeing that Tang Xiao was about to look back up, Mu Cheng quickly turned to the side.

When he turned back to look at her, he’d already regained his composure.

“Let’s go, we don’t want them to wait too long.” Mu Cheng was slightly unnatural when he walked past her, unable to help but take another look at her.

Tang Xiao hesitated for a bit before picking up her long dress again.

Her white thighs blinded Mu Cheng and he momentarily lost his bearings.

In game, a female enchantress and a male alchemist would frequently be together.

The game’s company decided then to use this couple as its advertising feature.

One was graceful of a thousand types, one was like a deity, the contrast was shocking but it wasn’t ill fitting.

The filming continued for the whole afternoon.

At night, the company dragged the company out for dinner, and amongst them were the producers and art designers’ boss.

“Tang Xiao!” The producer bounced towards her, smiling ambiguously. “Who knew that you’d suit this enchantress so well? Just then, when i saw you, it was like I saw a game character come to life.”

Maybe it was because she’d inadvertently set Spirit Road’s servers on fire, so when Tang Xiao saw the producer, she felt a bit guilty.

“Thank you.”

“Believe me, you’ll definitely become popular.” The producer gripped her hands.

Previously, they’d been celebrating within the company so she drank a bit of wine beforehand.

Now, she hadn’t completely recovered before drinking again so her speech was a bit slurred.

“Do you like Mu Cheng? I’m telling you, I can tell with a single look. I’ll teach you a move, in a moment, pounce at his feet and then shout out “Mu Cheng! Your girlfriend’s fallen!” And then boom, you’re good.”

Tang Xiao: …..

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You can leave this move for your own use.”

The producer got anxious, “You have to believe me, I’ll do an example for you.”

As she spoke, Tang Xiao didn’t even have time to stop her before the producer made a mad dash forward and jumped.

Maybe she wanted to jump at the art designer’s feet, but she probably estimated wrong because she didn’t jump at his feet.

Instead, she ended up at his waist, her hands tugging at his waistband, nearly causing his pants to fall off.

“Art designer, ah! Your producer fell, quickly pick me up and blow on me.”

Everyone: …..

The art designer used one hand to yank up his pants and the other to yank her arm, his face dark as he dragged her away.

“Spirit Road’s producer is so crazy, no wonder the game’s so perverse.” Tang Xiao sighed.

As it was a celebration, there was wine.

With Tang Xiao’s “did you know”, Mu Cheng had completely forbidden her from drinking.

So he soundlessly drank all of her alcohol for her.

Once you drink too much, you have to go to the bathroom.

At least this time it wasn’t white spirits so Mu Cheng was still clear minded.

The second floor’s bathrooms were being renovated so the two people sat on an elevator to the fifth floor.

When they just reached the vanity area, they found the male toilet was closed and there were some awkward sounds coming out of the toilets too.


TL note:

Drinking her alcohol for her - like when they have celebrations like this, people will toast you and you have to take a drink? MC drank it for TX.

The chapters are getting longer because the author gets paid by word. Whereas I get paid per ad click orz

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