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Chapter 4

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 Other people in the cla.s.sroom didn't even dare to come out, fearing that Zhao Xiaohuan would find her own troubles in them. At that moment when the slap was about to fall, there was a sudden appearance of a person at the door.

    "Let go."

    The two words were extremely simple, but also very cold, with a hint of a very lazy charm.  The voice attracted everyone's attention.

    A very handsome face, clean and free of hair. He had a long and straight body, obviously wearing an ugly school uniform, but it gave off a different vibe. It made him look mature and very handsome. People couldn't look away.

Christiine goes up and waves her hand infront of their faces... "Guys this is not the male lead"

    However, when Song Chumo saw the man’s eyes, her heart thumped out of control, and the blackness of the eyes was overwhelming and dark. He had an earth-shattering presence.

    Those eyes, those eyes!

   A person's appearance can deceive people forever, hiding the traces of darkness and evil intentions, but on this face, there is one thing that can never fool people.

  The eyes. In these eyes, Song Chumo began to see the same thing as herself - a look that was completely out of proportion to his age.

    Zhao Xiaohuan’s body was stiff and in the same place. She had raised her face and raised her hand. Yet, she didn’t know what to do. Should she slap down on Song Chumo?

    In the cla.s.sroom, everyone is wide-eyed because of this sudden appearance of Gu Xicheng.
For he had a mysterious background that no one dares offend in City 13.

(City 13 is most likely the name of the city...) 

    Half a year ago, he suddenly appeared in the thirteenth city, and went directly to the top cla.s.s. Although I don’t know why how he suddenly came to the fifteenth cla.s.s where Song Chumo was, but his performance was not affected at all.

    Good grades, strong family background, a face that makes many little girls feel stunned. Gu Xicheng, had everyone’s attention wherever he went.

    "What are you doing Xiaohuan? I said it yesterday that it is okay to lose the bracelet. It is just worth a couple thousands of dollars. When I go back home, I will let Dad buy me another one. You should not bully others!"

s...o...b..ll and Christiine go knocking on Bai Ning's door for a thousand dollars. Very cheap..(ฅΦωΦ)ฅ

    Wearing a bright yellow tight-fitting skirt, with a cheeky face, and an irritating voiced, Bai Ning stood up from her seat and hurriedly wanted towards Song Chumo, the little face was full of worry.

Song Chumo’s eyes twitched. We were not even talking about the bracelet but with your reminder, I am going to receive more hate and really couple thousands of dollars not being a lot of money... Are you trying to get me killed?

Pretending to misinterpret. Bai Ning, you really are dark-hearted. Pretending to be innocent and helping others while stabbing them in the back. Bai Ning, your acting is really good. You white lotus.

(used to describe women who look innocent)

   If it wasn’t clear that Bai Ning hid the string of bracelets in front of her own eyes, Song Chumo would almost believe her!

    The corner of Song Chumo’s mouth slowly turned up towards an arch. A second later, however, she composed herself and reverted back to her expression before.

    Her former ident.i.ty was the entertainment industries empress, her expression now mirrored that of a shy girl school.

    Everyone was looking at Bai Ning as she walked towards Song Chumo’s side, expressing her care and concern for Song Chumo’s wellbeing.  Song Chumo pretended to not have seen the white lotus.

    Gu Xicheng's eyes blackened at the sight, but in a sudden flash, it disappeared instantly.

    "Xicheng, the Song Chumo did not intentionally steal the bracelet, she may just be forced because she had no money, please do not hate her, if you really do not like, then I am willing to change seats with her?" - Bai Ning said.

    "Song Chumo, you now... This will definitely affect Xicheng. How about you change seats with me? After that why don’t we all agree to leave the past in the past?"

    Care, good intentions, let the people around me sing around the white lotus. Song chumo’s lips hooked upwards, her eyes are full of ridicule.

    I never knew why this white lotus would steal her own bracelet and frame others. Now it was very clear...

    In addition to her life and looks, there is still one thing in this cla.s.s that can't be tolerated. I am afraid this is Gu Xicheng.

    Yes, she was able to sit with Gu Xicheng and get in touch with this existence that should have been s.h.i.+ning and bright as a star. This is a big taboo in itself.

    It’s just that the thoughts of the early Song Chumo may not understand.

    Even if it is bullied, even if it is suicide, she must retain her image in front of this person. To put it bluntly, Song Mou liked Gu Xicheng and was seen by Bai Ning, which led to the accident of stealing things.

    However, Bai Ning is completely unpredictable. Now in this small body, it is Shen Wei, the entertainment queen who used to exercise her skills to try to figure out other people's minds.

    This Gu Xicheng, she is not rare, a seat can be exchanged for future peace, why did she not agree?

    The sound of Bai Ning settled. In an instant, almost everyone was in the same mood and gathered their eyes on the body of Song Chumo. Even Gu Xicheng cast his eyes.

    The smile in the depths of his eyes made the pupils of the Song Chumo shrink.

    They know more or less how much glory it can be to sit next to Gu Xicheng in the cla.s.sroom. There have been countless times when someone wanted to change seats with her and was refused.

    Now they are going to have a look, at how Song Chumo is going to refuse this time!

    It’s just that the result is destined to surprise from for this was no longer the old Song Chumo.

    "I don't want to affect Xicheng. Let's change seats."

   Song Chumo nodded, raised her head and looked at the sincerity of Bai Ning's face.

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