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Yang Tian had correctly guessed that the two were very interested in his cultivation. But even if he told them the truth, who would believe him?

He then said in a small voice:

- This is my secret, if you want to know, you'll have to pay something of equal value.

The two were solemn and Liao Mei was the first to break the silence:

- What do you want?

Yang Tian felt that the fish had taken the bait and now he wanted to reel in:

- You only have to let me see your face and I'll tell you.

Su Yue Er quickly chimed in:

- What about me? You've already seen my face so you have to let me know too.

Yang Tian shrugged his shoulders and said with an innocent face:

- I've seen your face before so that doesn't count as a secret.

Su Yue Er gritted her teeth in anger. What secrets did this guy want from her? Her three sizes? Su Yue Er was beginning to think that was a real possibility. She had come into contact with Yang Tian a couple of time and if one ignored his cultivation, there was only one word to described him: "Shameless".

If Yang Tian knew her thoughts, he would protest her unfair judgement. Facing someone who was always high and mighty like her, if one wasn't shameless then one would get nowhere.

Liao Mei was ice cold and asked with a heavy tone:

- You really want to see my face?

Yang Tian was acting like a stand-up person:

- Of course, I have no other intention. Since we live in the same house, it's very inconvenient if we don't know each other's faces.

- All those who look upon my face will have to die.

Yang Tian was unconcerned:

- You don't have the capacity to kill me.

Liao Mei was once again solemn. Yang Tian wasn't wrong. The difference between their strength was too large and she was not his match at all.

- If I can't kill you, you'll have to marry me. I'm warning you, I'm not some great beauty like you think.

Yang Tian was taken aback, this plotline sounded very familiar. She was like the character Mu Wan Qing from Jin Yong's novel [1]. He wouldn't mind taking her as wife though. Although she claimed not to be a beauty, Yang Tian didn't buy it. Half of her face was already that beautiful, although it was a bit inferior to Su Yue Er, she wouldn't lose out to Qin Xue and the others.

Yang Tian resolved to see her face one way or another. But it was too soon as they just met and needed more time to get to know each other. He was in no rush.

- This is a bit sudden, give me some time to think.

Liao Mei laughed coldly and stopped paying attention to Yang Tian. He turned to look at Su Yue Er and before he could say anything, she immediately said:

- No need to say anything, I'm not going to agree.

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