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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Seven – Guidance

"What do you know about his origins?" Gu Yan had a grave face. He was one of Hai Xin Bing's great generals and responsible for the matter of Wu Ge City. Gu Yan was about forty years old, dressed like a scholar, and his eyes would occasionally flash with cold light.

Each nether lord had the right to build their own mansion. Hai Xin Bing's Northern Plains Ice Mansion was full of dragons and tigers. Gu Yan was deeply trusted by Hai Xin Bing Daren but he did not dare to slack off. The infighting inside the mansion far surpassed people's imaginations.

A mere black nether metal mine was not enough to personally disturb Hai Xin Bing.

"Origins unknown, but he walked out of the Cold Nether Bog, just outside Little Serene Town. When he appeared he was dragging five coffins. Then he travelled using an extraordinary chariot. Everywhere it passed, wind and thunder roared." The intelligence network of Northern Plain Ice Mansion was extensive, they had investigated thoroughly in a short time. "This person has completely white-hair, but his face is young. His true age is hard to estimate. He has a youth with him, about twenty or so, who is extremely powerful. Supposedly, Tuoba Min of the Yin Tomb Guards lost in one exchange. The two hundred guards with Tuoba Min were defeated in a short amount of time."

"Tuoba Min?" Gu Yan frowned. The name sounded familiar, but he could not recall the individual.

The subordinate hurriedly said, "He is Tuoba Yu's younger brother but he is not as strong as his older brother. He is a colonel in the Yin Tomb Guards."

Gu Yan nodded. "Ah, he's the younger brother of Tuoba Yu."

He knew Tuoba Yu. This person was a famed expert among the Yin Tomb Guards. The [Three Serene Shen Sword] the other had created was unique. In the Nether Realm, there were only a few that cultivated sword scriptures. This person was outstanding in talent and only in love with sword scriptures. After he created the [Three Serene Shen Sword], his fame rose. He was recruited by the Yin Tomb Guards and he had had great accomplishments in these years.

Thinking about the rumors about Tuoba Yu, Gu Yan laughed, "Tuoba Yu will not let this rest. We will just watch. As for the Wu Ge City envoy, tell him I wish to consider our response and have him wait a few days."

"Yes!" the subordinate acknowledged.

In the inky black pool, the medicinal fluid moved as though it was alive. A strange field of power covered the entire pool and did not let any presence of the pool escape.

Silly Bird's eyes were narrowed as she laid by the side of the pool as though she was napping. Lil' Pagoda, Lil' Black, and Lil' Fire played happily by the side.

The three had greatly changed in appearance. Lil' Pagoda's Yinyang fish eyes had disappeared. Right now, its body was snowy white with black eaves. It was still round and fleshy. There was a clear pearl at the top that was the size of a thumb and there seemed to be a black mist that roiled inside the bead.

Lil' Fire had consumed an unknown amount of Void Sky Li Fire in the endless void. Chun Yu Cheng had Lil' Fire cultivate the [Fire Heart Bone Refining Art]. Having consumed countless Void Sky Li Fire, Lil' Fire had cultivated the [Fire Heart Bone Refining Art] to a deep level. However, this didn't seem to be of any use except making Lil' Fire even rounder and bouncier.

But this did not ruin Lil' Fire's mood to play. It bounced like a rubber ball. Its best play partner was Lil' Pagoda. The game the two liked to play the most was juggling. Lil' Pagoda would jump up, and then Lil' Fire would keep bouncing off Lil' Pagoda from all angles so that Lil' Pagoda would not fall back to the ground.

Lil' Black was much larger than in the past. It was now about half a palm large. The two antennae moved constantly. It moved quickly like a wisp of black smoke.

Tenth Grade, Sunshine, the Black Gold Seal Soldier, and the Ghost Mist Child were all in deep slumber.

In the endless void, the little ones had taken turns to protect Zuo Mo. The materials in the endless void were too high in grade for them. They needed a lot of time to absorb each one.

Suddenly, Silly Bird opened her eyes.

The black medicinal pool roiled and a figure slowly floated out of the surface.

The sun shen glyph slid back into Zuo Mo's body. He slowly exhaled and opened his eyes to show a satisfied expression. Using the medicinal pool to repair his body was much better than just absorbing shen power and other powers. He had used almost all of the high level materials in Wu Ge City's stores.

For his present level, only those high level materials were useful. The Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood that Old Man Wu had presented had been crucial. It was not of ordinary quality, and was full of nether energy but it also had the ability to create vitality an unexpected property.

Nether energy was death energy. However, this meant that any thread of vitality formed in such thick death energy was pure.

This extremely pure thread of vitality was a great aid to Zuo Mo's damaged body. In order to completely use the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood to its fullest effect, Zuo Mo had created this medicinal pool.

This thread of vitality could match one month's effect of the shen glyphs. It astounded Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo rose from the medicinal pool and had a small smile.

The little ones that were playing immediately floated over when they saw Zuo Mo come out. They brushed against Zuo Mo and played with him for a while before leaving the room.

Outside the mansion, Qing Xiao was teaching the ten Wu Clan youths.

"Daren!" Old Man Wu hurriedly came over to welcome him.

Zuo Mo waved his hand and motioned that he wished to watch on his own.

The youths looked at Qing Xiao with gazes full of respect and awe. News of Qing Xiao's powerful display had spread through Wu Ge City. Everyone knew.

Qing Xiao's teaching method was simple. He would teach them the shen methodology and then use real combat to explain. A short time later, the youths all had dusty faces. But these Wu Clan youths were not dispirited. They could clearly feel that the shen methodology that Qing Xiao Daren had taught them was much stronger than the shen methodology that they cultivated.

The ten servants that had been selected were staying far away.

In the Nether Realm, eavesdropping and attempting to secretly learn the skills of others was a taboo.

Qing Xiao had never taught before, but he was serious when he did. If he could not explain it clearly, he would just demonstrate. Yet after Zuo Mo watched for a while, he found that even though Qing Xiao taught seriously, and the Wu Clan disciples were concentrating, the effect was not very good.

After some thought, Zuo Mo understood. Qing Xiao was strong, but he did not have a great understanding of nether shen power. These youths were not old, but they had a base in cultivating nether shen power. Being forced to cultivate another shen methodology greatly diminished any effect.

He clapped his hand. "Stop for a second."

Qing Xiao and the Wu Clan members stopped. Zuo Mo pointed randomly at one of the Wu Clan members. "Demonstrate what you usually cultivate for me."

When this Wu Family disciple heard this, he started to demonstrate the Wu Clan's [Wu Ge Shen Methodology]. It could be seen that this disciple worked hard on his cultivation, and he was practiced in his demonstration.

Zuo Mo watched for a while before indicating for the demonstration to stop.

Then he started to move, each action extremely slow and without shen power. However, each move and action was filled with terrifying power. The Wu Clan disciples mouths gaped and eyes wide. They hadn't thought that the [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] would have such power!

As Zuo Mo demonstrated, he explained.

Every Wu Clan disciple focused with the utmost concentration in fear of missing a word. They found that the [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] that Daren spoke on was not the same as what they were cultivating

Had Daren cultivated [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] in the past?

Old Man Wu was completely stunned where he stood. He had cultivated [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] the longest. The Wu Clan leader who had created this shen methodology had passed away, and Old Man Wu was the person with the greatest skill at [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] in the clan.

The explanations by Daren seemed to clear his mind. Many places he had been puzzled by were cleared up. He was overjoyed, but he did not dare to be careless. He opened his ears and listened carefully.

Zuo Mo spoke for about two hours on the entire [Wu Ge Shen Methodology]. He spoke from beginning to end and changed many places.

The new [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] was completely transformed, their cultivation efficiency and power greatly increasing. Old Man Wu had been immersed in it for many years and knew that this new [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] would be able to make it into the top class of shen methodologies in the Nether Realm!

With this completely new [Wu Ge Shen Methodology], the Wu Family would definitely prosper!

Old Man Wu's face was covered in tears. He couldn't help but cry at having his dream of many years come true.

When Zuo Mo finished his lecture, Old Man Wu prostrated himself on the ground and kowtowed. He sobbed, "The Wu Family will follow Daren for your grace of recreating us!"

Zuo Mo jumped in fright and helped the other back up. "Just a minor matter, there is no need for this."

The creator of the [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] had been limited by their own cultivation. The fundamentals of this shen methodology were very weak. Zuo Mo had changed many places, but the core of the shen methodology had not changed.

If even the core was changed, then this shen methodology would not be the [Wu Ge Shen Methodology]. It would then be better to give them a new methodology.

Zuo Mo had just leveled up the [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] to use it to its full potential. Something like this was not a matter that Zuo Mo thought too much of.

Zuo Mo did not conceal this and honestly told all of this to Old Man Wu.

Old Man Wu shook his head and said, "The Wu Clan is not a large clan. If we have an extremely good shen methodology, it will not bring prosperity to the Wu Family but calamity. The [Wu Ge Shen Methodology] that Daren has remade is the best shen methodology for the Wu Family."

Zuo Mo had a new opinion of Old Man Wu. Old Man Wu was not strong, but his foresight was great, he was perceptive. This was a talented person. [1]

Zuo Mo always desired talent.

"It is good that you can think like this," Zuo Mo said with a smile. He then thought of another question. "Where can I buy materials like the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood?"

If he could have more of those materials, Zuo Mo's problem of repairing his body would drastically shorten in time.

Old Man Wu shook his head. "This subordinate accidentally obtained that Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood. It is hard to buy a material like that on the market. If someone has it, they would carefully keep it hidden away."

"Is there not a market for high level materials?" Zuo Mo asked.

He had a lot of things that were valuable, but these things were not valuable to repairing his body so he did not urgently need them. If he could trade them for things like the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood, it would be good for Zuo Mo.

Old Man Wu had a thoughtful expression. "This jie does not have one, but this subordinate heard that in Nether Insect Jie, there is a place called the Peerless Market which only does high level material business. Maybe Daren could go there to see."

Zuo Mo had a jie map of the Nether Realm. The Nether Insect Jie was not far from Wu Ge City. He noted it down.

Just at this time, the ground under his feet trembled minutely. Zuo Mo suddenly raised his head, a cold smirk at the corner of his mouth.

[1] Editor's note: … he just went through this with the mine. I'm not sure he is perceptive as much as he is experienced.

Translator Ramblings: Lil' Pagoda and the others are at least twenty … … but sentient objects probably don't have the same maturity rate as people.

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