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  • I Was Kicked Out Of The Hero's Party Because I Wasn't A True Companion So I Decided To Have A Slow Life At The Frontier

  • Author(s): Zappon - ざっぽん
  • GENRES: Adventure - Fantasy - Slice Of Life
  • STATUS : ongoing
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I Was Kicked Out Of The Hero's Party Because I Wasn't A True Companion So I Decided To Have A Slow Life At The Frontier summary:

In a Fantasy world in which a young girl with the Divine Protection of the Hero battles against the Demon Lord. In that world, Red, the elder brother of that young girl Hero, possessing the Divine Protection of the Guide which only grants a high initial level, fought in the initial party of the Hero. However, with a Divine Protection that only grants a high level but no magic nor martial art nor supernatural ability, he gradually could no longer keep up with the battle and in the end, a companion, a Sage, remarked ‘You are not a true companion’ as he s.n.a.t.c.hed all his equipment and kicked him out of the party with just a single copper sword. Having his heart completely shattered, Red distanced himself from the battle against the Demon Lord’s army despite knowing that the fate of the world rests on it, aiming to live an inconspicuous life alone at the frontier Zoltan as he earns money to open a herbalist shop by utilizing the knowledge he acquired throughout his journey. Together with the Half-Elf Carpenter living downtown and the Princess who couldn’t become the Hero’s companion, he aims to live a slow life in the frontier of the world governed by a person’s inborn Divine Protection!

I Was Kicked Out Of The Hero's Party Because I Wasn't A True Companion So I Decided To Have A Slow Life At The Frontier Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 97 Feb-14-19
Chapter 96 Feb-01-19
Chapter 95 Jan-30-19
Chapter 94 Jan-27-19
Chapter 93 Jan-25-19
Chapter 92 Jan-24-19
Chapter 91 Jan-20-19
Chapter 90 Jan-17-19
Chapter 89 Jan-13-19
Chapter 88 Jan-10-19
Chapter 87 Jan-06-19
Chapter 86 Jan-03-19
Chapter 85 Dec-30-18
Chapter 84 Dec-27-18
Chapter 83 Dec-25-18
Chapter 82 Dec-23-18
Chapter 81 Dec-20-18
Chapter 80 Dec-16-18
Chapter 79 Dec-13-18
Chapter 78 Dec-09-18
Chapter 77 Dec-06-18
Chapter 76 Dec-02-18
Chapter 75 Nov-29-18
Chapter 74 Nov-24-18
Chapter 73 Nov-22-18
Chapter 72 Nov-20-18
Chapter 71 Nov-15-18
Chapter 70 Nov-14-18
Chapter 69 Nov-10-18
Chapter 68 Nov-08-18
Chapter 67 Nov-04-18
Chapter 66 Oct-30-18
Chapter 65 Oct-27-18
Chapter 64 Oct-25-18
Chapter 63 Oct-24-18
Chapter 62 Oct-20-18
Chapter 61 Oct-18-18
Chapter 60 Oct-14-18
Chapter 59 Oct-11-18
Chapter 58 Oct-09-18
Chapter 57 Oct-06-18
Chapter 56 Oct-04-18
Chapter 55 Oct-02-18
Chapter 54 Sep-30-18
Chapter 53 Sep-30-18
Chapter 52 Sep-27-18
Chapter 51 Sep-25-18
Chapter 50 Sep-22-18
Chapter 49 Sep-20-18
Chapter 48 Sep-18-18
Chapter 47 Sep-15-18
Chapter 46 Sep-13-18
Chapter 45 Sep-10-18
Chapter 44 Sep-09-18
Chapter 43 Sep-06-18
Chapter 42 Sep-04-18
Chapter 41 Sep-01-18
Chapter 40 Aug-31-18
Chapter 39 Aug-30-18
Chapter 38 Aug-28-18
Chapter 37 Aug-25-18
Chapter 36 Aug-23-18
Chapter 35 Aug-09-18
Chapter 34 Jul-30-18
Chapter 33 Jul-28-18
Chapter 32 Jul-23-18
Chapter 31 Jul-22-18
Chapter 30 Jul-16-18
Chapter 29 Jul-09-18
Chapter 28 Jul-02-18
Chapter 27 Jun-27-18
Chapter 26 Jun-25-18
Chapter 25 Jun-18-18
Chapter 24 Jun-13-18
Chapter 23 Jun-06-18
Chapter 22 May-30-18
Chapter 21 May-28-18
Chapter 20 May-26-18
Chapter 19 May-21-18
Chapter 18 May-14-18
Chapter 17 May-07-18
Chapter 16 Apr-30-18
Chapter 15 Apr-29-18
Chapter 14 Apr-24-18
Chapter 13 Apr-24-18
Chapter 12 Apr-24-18
Chapter 11 Apr-02-18
Chapter 10 Mar-28-18
Chapter 9 Mar-26-18
Chapter 8 Mar-19-18
Chapter 7 Mar-12-18
Chapter 6 Mar-05-18
Chapter 5 Feb-26-18
Chapter 4 Feb-12-18
Chapter 3 Feb-05-18
Chapter 2 Feb-05-18
Chapter 1 Apr-11-18
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