The City of Terror summary:

What the h.e.l.l is this, what the h.e.l.l had happened here?
Only a night pa.s.sed by, just why and when did this house become so dilapidated?
The floor and the table had all been covered by dust; the newly posted Zhan Liangying poster on the wall had been tattered and fully worn-out. Why and when did his charming handsome face transformed into an old monster? Even his laughing faces sending the chills down the spine.
Cobwebs scattered and covered the wall like a mist. A withered orange and blackened rotten apple covered by mildew lay motionlessly on small table in the corner of the room, covered by filth as if it was taken from the mud; the aluminum frame windows gla.s.s grayed out as it was covered by thick ash; while layer of lights penetrated silk-sized small cracks on windows gla.s.s.
A monitor screen on the table next to the bed had all been covered by the cobwebs, accompanied with a dirty cup filled with filth covering a withered insect body inside…
The air filled with a slightly choking smelly dust.
Everything seemed so grayed out as if it was in black and white old movies.
A night had gone by, and everything aged as if a century had been pa.s.sed.
Mother… is this a dream?
It must be a dream!!!

The City of Terror Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 248 Feb-16-19
Chapter 247 Feb-15-19
Chapter 245-246 Feb-14-19
Chapter 244 Feb-12-19
Chapter 243 Feb-11-19
Chapter 242 Feb-10-19
Chapter 240-241 Feb-09-19
Chapter 239 Feb-07-19
Chapter 238 Feb-06-19
Chapter 236-237 Feb-05-19
Chapter 234-235 Feb-04-19
Chapter 233 Feb-03-19
Chapter 232 Feb-02-19
Chapter 231 Feb-01-19
Chapter 230 Jan-25-19
Chapter 229 Jan-18-19
Chapter 228 Jan-17-19
Chapter 227 Jan-16-19
Chapter 226 Jan-15-19
Chapter 225 Jan-13-19
Chapter 224 Jan-12-19
Chapter 223 Jan-11-19
Chapter 222 Jan-06-19
Chapter 216-221 Jan-01-19
Chapter 215 Dec-31-18
Chapter 214 Dec-31-18
Chapter 213 Dec-31-18
Chapter 212 Dec-31-18
Chapter 211 Dec-31-18
Chapter 210 Dec-31-18
Chapter 209 Dec-31-18
Chapter 208 Dec-31-18
Chapter 207 Dec-23-18
Chapter 206 Dec-22-18
Chapter 205 Dec-21-18
Chapter 204 Dec-20-18
Chapter 203 Dec-19-18
Chapter 202 Dec-17-18
Chapter 201 Dec-16-18
Chapter 199-200 Dec-15-18
Chapter 198 Dec-13-18
Chapter 197 Dec-11-18
Chapter 196 Dec-10-18
Chapter 195 Dec-09-18
Chapter 192-194 Dec-08-18
Chapter 191 Dec-03-18
Chapter 189-190 Dec-01-18
Chapter 186-188 Nov-28-18
Chapter 185 Nov-27-18
Chapter 182-184 Nov-25-18
Chapter 181 Nov-22-18
Chapter 180 Nov-21-18
Chapter 178-179 Nov-20-18
Chapter 177 Nov-19-18
Chapter 176 Nov-18-18
Chapter 174-175 Nov-17-18
Chapter 173 Nov-14-18
Chapter 172 Nov-13-18
Chapter 171 Nov-12-18
Chapter 170 Nov-11-18
Chapter 169 Nov-10-18
Chapter 168 Nov-08-18
Chapter 167 Nov-07-18
Chapter 166 Nov-07-18
Chapter 165 Nov-05-18
Chapter 164 Nov-04-18
Chapter 163 Nov-04-18
Chapter 162 Nov-03-18
Chapter 161 Nov-01-18
Chapter 160 Sep-28-18
Chapter 159 Sep-27-18
Chapter 158 Sep-26-18
Chapter 156-157 Sep-25-18
Chapter 154-155 Sep-24-18
Chapter 153 Sep-21-18
Chapter 152 Sep-19-18
Chapter 151 Sep-18-18
Chapter 149-150 Sep-17-18
Chapter 147-148 Sep-16-18
Chapter 145-146 Sep-15-18
Chapter 143-144 Sep-14-18
Chapter 142 Sep-02-18
Chapter 141 Sep-01-18
Chapter 139-140 Aug-30-18
Chapter 137-138 Aug-28-18
Chapter 135-136 Aug-27-18
Chapter 134 Aug-26-18
Chapter 133 Aug-26-18
Chapter 132 Aug-25-18
Chapter 131 Aug-24-18
Chapter 128-130 Aug-23-18
Chapter 127 Aug-20-18
Chapter 126 Aug-19-18
Chapter 125 Aug-18-18
Chapter 124 Aug-17-18
Chapter 122-123 Aug-16-18
Chapter 121 Aug-14-18
Chapter 119-120 Aug-14-18
Chapter 118 Aug-11-18
Chapter 117 Aug-10-18
Chapter 116 Aug-09-18
Chapter 115 Aug-08-18
Chapter 114 Aug-07-18
Chapter 112-113 Aug-06-18
Chapter 111 Aug-06-18
Chapter 110 Aug-04-18
Chapter 109 Aug-03-18
Chapter 108 Aug-02-18
Chapter 107 Aug-01-18
Chapter 90-103 Jul-31-18
Chapter 89 Jul-26-18
Chapter 87-88 Jul-25-18
Chapter 86 Jul-24-18
Chapter 85 Jul-23-18
Chapter 84 Jul-22-18
Chapter 83 Jul-21-18
Chapter 81-82 Jul-20-18
Chapter 80 Jul-19-18
Chapter 79 Jul-17-18
Chapter 78 Jul-16-18
Chapter 77 Jul-16-18
Chapter 76 Jun-30-18
Chapter 73-75 Jun-29-18
Chapter 72 Jun-26-18
Chapter 71 Jun-25-18
Chapter 66-70 Jun-25-18
Chapter 65 Jun-19-18
Chapter 64 Jun-18-18
Chapter 63 Jun-17-18
Chapter 62 Jun-16-18
Chapter 61 Jun-15-18
Chapter 60 Jun-14-18
Chapter 59 Jun-13-18
Chapter 58 Jun-12-18
Chapter 57 Jun-11-18
Chapter 56 Jun-10-18
Chapter 55 Jun-09-18
Chapter 30 May-15-18
Chapter 28 May-13-18
Chapter 27 May-12-18
Chapter 25 - Bus May-10-18
Chapter 9 - Work May-05-18
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