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The Complete Guide To The Use And Care Of A Personal Assistant summary:

A no-name writer becomes the personal a.s.sistant to a famous web novelist, and moves in with him amidst much bickering. He freeloads off the successful novelist, eats the novelist’s food, lives in the novelist’s house, and, eventually, even sleeps in the novelist’s bed. A certain no-name writer (flipping a table): “It was totally that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who forced me to—Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Oi, Su Yuyang, why’re you covering my mouth?” The successful novelist (whispering into the no-name writer’s ear): “Xiao Miao, I’m hungry.” Enjoy the simple pleasures of the everyday with an oddball novelist and his dumb cat.

The Complete Guide To The Use And Care Of A Personal Assistant Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 73 Dec-07-18
Chapter 72 Dec-07-18
Chapter 71 Dec-03-18
Chapter 70 Nov-30-18
Chapter 69 Nov-28-18
Chapter 68 Nov-26-18
Chapter 67 Nov-23-18
Chapter 66 Nov-21-18
Chapter 65 Nov-19-18
Chapter 64 Nov-16-18
Chapter 63 Nov-14-18
Chapter 62 Nov-12-18
Chapter 61 Nov-09-18
Chapter 60 Nov-07-18
Chapter 59 Nov-05-18
Chapter 58 Nov-02-18
Chapter 57 Oct-31-18
Chapter 56 Oct-29-18
Chapter 55 Oct-26-18
Chapter 54 Oct-24-18
Chapter 53 Oct-22-18
Chapter 52 Oct-19-18
Chapter 51 Oct-17-18
Chapter 50 Oct-15-18
Chapter 49 Oct-12-18
Chapter 48 Oct-11-18
Chapter 47 Oct-08-18
Chapter 46 Oct-05-18
Chapter 45 Oct-03-18
Chapter 44 Sep-30-18
Chapter 43 Sep-28-18
Chapter 42 Sep-26-18
Chapter 41 Sep-24-18
Chapter 40 Sep-21-18
Chapter 39 Sep-19-18
Chapter 38 Sep-17-18
Chapter 37 Sep-14-18
Chapter 36 Sep-12-18
Chapter 35 Sep-10-18
Chapter 34 Sep-07-18
Chapter 33 Sep-05-18
Chapter 32 Sep-03-18
Chapter 31 Aug-31-18
Chapter 30 Aug-29-18
Chapter 29 Aug-27-18
Chapter 28 Aug-24-18
Chapter 27 Aug-22-18
Chapter 26 Aug-20-18
Chapter 25 Aug-17-18
Chapter 24 Aug-17-18
Chapter 23 Aug-13-18
Chapter 22 Aug-10-18
Chapter 21 Aug-08-18
Chapter 20 Aug-06-18
Chapter 19 Aug-03-18
Chapter 18 Aug-01-18
Chapter 17 Jul-30-18
Chapter 16 Jul-27-18
Chapter 15 Jul-25-18
Chapter 14 Jul-23-18
Chapter 13 Jul-20-18
Chapter 12 Jul-18-18
Chapter 11 Jul-16-18
Chapter 10 Jul-15-18
Chapter 9 Jul-15-18
Chapter 8 Jul-15-18
Chapter 7 Jul-15-18
Chapter 6 Jul-15-18
Chapter 5 Jul-15-18
Chapter 4 Jul-15-18
Chapter 3 Jul-15-18
Chapter 2 Jul-15-18
Chapter 1 Jul-15-18
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