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Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking summary:

What?! The sticking to her daily, eating her tofu (taking advantage of her ) is a cross-dresser?
Not to mention that he is the Evil Highness!! She had slept beside him, and was touched by him, what a big loss!
Softly on his chest, listening to his pounding, strong heartbeat, her face turned red. Her greatest desire was to be in his arms.
She never dared to dream before, dared not wish for, and thought that in this life there was no such chance. This had been in her most secret heart of hearts, she longed for his warmth, longed for his love.
Even though he had hurt her before, he had given her more tenderness than others.
Being teased, loved, laughed at… had infiltrated into her bloodstream. Love, she did not know when it had taken root, for when she discovered it, it had grown into a towering tree, no longer able to be split open or cut off.
His hug, his warmth, she would not allow him to give it to others. If they were not only for her, she would rather not have them.

Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 3 Aug-09-18
Chapter 2 Aug-09-18
Chapter 174 Jul-30-18
Chapter 173 Jul-29-18
Chapter 172 Jul-29-18
Chapter 170 Jul-15-18
Chapter 169 Jul-15-18
Chapter 168 Jul-15-18
Chapter 167 Jul-15-18
Chapter 166 Jul-15-18
Chapter 165 Jul-15-18
Chapter 164 Jul-15-18
Chapter 163 Jul-15-18
Chapter 162 Jul-15-18
Chapter 161 Jul-15-18
Chapter 160 May-18-18
Chapter 159 May-18-18
Chapter 158 May-18-18
Chapter 157 May-18-18
Chapter 156 Apr-29-18
Chapter 155 Apr-26-18
Chapter 154 Apr-26-18
Chapter 153 Apr-22-18
Chapter 152 Apr-22-18
Chapter 151 Apr-19-18
Chapter 150 Apr-19-18
Chapter 149 Apr-19-18
Chapter 148 Apr-16-18
Chapter 146-147 Apr-16-18
Chapter 144-145 Apr-16-18
Chapter 141-143 Apr-16-18
Chapter 140 Apr-10-18
Chapter 139 Apr-10-18
Chapter 138 Apr-10-18
Chapter 137 Apr-10-18
Chapter 136 Apr-10-18
Chapter 135 Apr-10-18
Chapter 134 Apr-10-18
Chapter 132-133 Mar-19-18
Chapter 131 Apr-10-18
Chapter 130 Apr-10-18
Chapter 129 Apr-10-18
Chapter 128 Apr-10-18
Chapter 127 Apr-10-18
Chapter 125-126 Feb-19-18
Chapter 123-124 Feb-17-18
Chapter 122 Apr-10-18
Chapter 121 Apr-10-18
Chapter 120 Apr-10-18
Chapter 119 Apr-10-18
Chapter 118 Dec-06-17
Chapter 117 Nov-22-17
Chapter 116 Nov-22-17
Chapter 115 Nov-22-17
Chapter 91-95 Nov-19-17
Chapter 64-65 Nov-19-17
Chapter 55-60 Nov-19-17
Chapter 52-54 Nov-19-17
Chapter 49-51 Nov-19-17
Chapter 46-48 Nov-19-17
Chapter 40-42 Nov-19-17
Chapter 38-39 Nov-19-17
Chapter 35-36 Nov-19-17
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